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Index of Books commencing with the letter B

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Baltic Mission By Richard Woodman
Band of Brothers By Alexander Kent
Barbados Bound By Linda Collison
Barbary Coast By Peter Smalley
Barracuda By Michael Aye
Battle Fleet By Paul Dowswell
Battle Smoke By Adam Hardy
Beat to Quarters By C. S. Forester
Before The Wind: A Novel of Conflict at Sea By Lloyd M. Moxon
Ben Brace, The Last of Nelson's Agamemnons By Frederick Chamier
Ben Burton; or, Born and Bred at Sea By W. H. G. Kingston
Beneath the Aurora By Richard Woodman
Betrayal By Julian Stockwin
Between Two Fires By Nicholas Nicastro
Between Two Flags By Tom Grundner
Beyond the Reef By Alexander Kent
Black Sea Frigate By Vivian Stuart
Blackwell's Homecoming By V. E. Ulett
Blackwell's Paradise By V. E. Ulett
Blaze of Glory: The Third Nathaniel Drinkwater Omnibus By Richard Woodman
Blockade Runner By David Kent-Lemon
Blood Beach By Adam Hardy
Blood Brothers By E. Thomas Behr
Blood for Breakfast By Adam Hardy
Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber, Ship's Boy By L. A. Meyer
Blown Off Course By David Donachie
Blue at the Mizzen By Patrick O’Brian
Blue Hurricane By F. Van Wyck Mason
Blue Jackets: The Log of the Teaser By George Manville Fenn
Boarders Away By Adam Hardy
Bob Strickland's Log By Percy F. Westerman
Bolitho (Omnibus) By Alexander Kent
Brave Captain Kelso By James Dillon White
Breaking the Line By David Donachie
Brig of War By Jon Williams
Britannia's Son By Andrew Wareham
Broadsides By Christopher Kenworthy
Broadsides: A Novel of the Napoleonic Era By R. W. Daly
By Conduct and Courage: a story of Nelson's days By G. A. Henty
By England's Aid: or The Freeing of the Netherlands By G. A. Henty
By Force of Arms By James L. Nelson
By the Mast Divided By David Donachie