• 'The Glorious First of June' Paperback release

    The Glorious First of JuneThe third book in the Sam Willis Hearts of Oak Trilogy, The Glorious First of June, will re released in Paperback worldwide tomorrow, 27 September 2012.

  • A Sea of Troubles (HC)

    A Sea of TroublesAuthor David Donachie's new novel, A Sea of Troubles, will be released in hardcover in the UK on 29 October 2012 and in the US on 15 November 2012.

    1794. In the wake of the Glorious First of June, an equivocal success for the British naval fleet against the French Revolutionary forces, John Pearce has pressing matters to attend to. He has an urgent commission from Lord Hood, he must track down Midshipman Toby Burns and placate Emily who, estranged from her husband, Pearce 's enemy Captain Ralph Barclay, is now under his protection.

    Meanwhile, Pearce finds himself aboard HMS Agamemnon, and in series of actions and shore raids, impresses Horatio Nelson with his bold and

  • British Naval Captains of the Seven Years' War (HC)

    British Naval Captains of the Seven Years' WarA. B. McLeod has a new book just released in hardcover worldwide, British Naval Captains of the Seven Years' War: The View from the Quarterdeck.

    'We have always known who were the captains of the Seven Years' War, in the sense of having lists of their names. A few of them, who later became famous, we knew personally at least a little, but until now most of them have never been more than names. The genius of this book is to bring them to life as individuals; to show their hopes and fears, their faults and virtues, and to fill in the details of their working lives. Far from the grand narrative of battles and

  • Hostile Shores (HC)

    Hostile ShoresThe latest Alan Lewrie novel by Dewey Lambdin titled Hostile Shores, due for release on 26 February 2013, is now available for pre-order in hardcover worldwide.

    In 1805, with news of Admiral Nelson's death fresh on his mind, Captain Lewrie's HMS Reliant joins up in the voyage that will culminate in the Battle of Cape Town, in which the British wrested control of South Africa from the Dutch. In the wake of that victory, Lewrie heads west to South America, where Britain's attacks on Buenos Aires and other Spanish colonies have not been faring as well. But the worst is yet to come, and soon Lewrie will be facing a battle at sea that will put his naval career and life

  • The Transformation of British Naval Strategy (HC)

    The Transformation of British Naval Strategy: Seapower and Supply in Northern Europe, 1808-1812James Davey has a new book available for pre-order in hardcover, The Transformation of British Naval Strategy: Seapower and Supply in Northern Europe, 1808-1812. It is will be released worldwide on 15 November 2012.

    After the Battle of Trafalgar, the navy continued to be the major arm of British strategy. Decades of practice and refinement had rendered it adept at executing operations - fighting battles, blockading and convoying - across the globe. And yet, as late as 1807, fleets were forced from their stations due to an ineffective provisioning system. The Transformation


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