A - Modern Era

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Index of Books commencing with the letter A

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Title Author
A Call to Colors: A Novel of the Leyte Gulf By John J. Gobbell
A Code for Tomorrow By John J. Gobbell
A Combat of Devils By Keith Dovkants
A Dawn Like Thunder By Douglas Reeman
A Little Ship By Douglas V. Duff
A Prayer for the Ship By Douglas Reeman
A Shanghai Adventure By Percy F. Westerman
A Share of Honour By Alexander Fullerton
A Ship Must Die By Douglas Reeman
A Sub of the R. N. R. By Percy F. Westerman
A Sub. and a Submarine By Percy F. Westerman
A Time of Fear By Russell Moran
A Watch-dog of the North Sea By Percy F. Westerman
A Wren Called Smith By Alexander Fullerton
Action This Day By Richard Freeman
Adam MacAdam, Naval Cadet By Douglas V. Duff
All The Drowning Seas By Alexander Fullerton
Arapaho By Larry Jeram-Croft
At Close Grips By Douglas V. Duff
Audacity By Alan Evans