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01 January 1758 HMS Adventure, Cdr. John Bray, took privateer Machault (14) off Dungerness Road
1761 Loss of HMS Newcastle (50) and HMS Queenborough (24) in a cyclone in the East Indies.
1776 HMS Liverpool (28), Cptn. Henry Bellew, and consorts burnt Norfolk, Virginia.

Horatio Nelson promoted vice-admiral.

USS Chesapeake (36), Cptn. Samuel Barron, captures the French privateer La Jeune Creole (16) off Barbuda

HM Gun Brig Requin (10), Samuel Forvell, wrecked on the French coast near Quiberon

1807 Squadron under Cptn. Charles Brisbane,HMS Arethusa (38), HMS Latona (38), James Athol Wood, HMS Anson (44), Charles Lydiard, HMS Fisguard (38), William Bolton, captured Curacoa.
1809 HMS Onyx (10), Charles Gill), captured Dutch corvette Manly (16) off Lincolnshire coast.
1813 HM Brig Sloop Sarpedon (10), Thomas Parker, foundered on the Norwegian coast
02 January 1689 HMS Sedgemore (50) lost top
1780 British squadron under Commodore Charles Fielding exacted the right to search a Dutch convoy escorted by a squadron under Rear-admiral Lodewijk van Bylandt. A brief naval engagement took place off the Isle of Wight.
1793 Harbor batteries at Brest fire on the British brig Childers (16), Robert Barlow. Regarded as the first shots of the Revolutionary War although France did not declare war until the first of the next month.
1797 HM sloop Viper, Cptn. Henry Harding Parker, foundered off the Shannon after engaging the French fleet, which was attempting to land insurrectionists in Ireland. The crew perished.
1804 HMS Creole (38), Cptn. Austin Bissell, foundered in passage from Jamaica.

HMS Amiable captured Iris.

HMS Imperieuse (38), Thomas Cochrane, captured French cutter Gauloise (7), lugger Julie (5) and 11 supply vessels laden with wheat at Cadaques, just north of the Bay of Rosas

03 January 1695 Start of a 2 day capture of the HMS Nonsuch and HMS Falcon by the Francois top
1782 HMS Flying Fish (12) wrecked off Calais
1798 British armed tender George (6), Lt. Michael Mackey, engaged Spanish privateer cutter (12) and schooner (6) in the West Indies and was taken by boarding after missing stays.
1801 Boats of HMS Melpomene (38), Cptn. Sir Charles Hamilton, cut out a brig (18) in Senegal but it was lost to grounding during attempt.
1807 HMS Pickle schooner,  Lt. Moses Cannadey, captured privateer cutter Favorite (14), E. J. Boutruche, off the Lizard.
04 January 1748 John Jervis (later Earl of St Vincent) joined the navy as an Able Seaman on HMS Gloucester (50) top
1781 HMS Courageux (74), Cptn. Lord Mulgrave, took French frigate Minerve (32) in the Channel.
1795 HMS Blanche (32), Cptn. Robert Faulkner, captured Pique (38) off Dominica.
1799 HMS Wolverine (16), Cptn. Lewes Mortlock (Killed in Action), engaged French luggers Ruse and Furet.
1807 HMS Nautilus (22), Cptn. Edmund Palmer, wrecked on Cenigotto a barren rock in the Levant
1863 Blockading ship USS Quaker City captures sloop Mercury carrying despatches emphasizing desperate plight of the South. 
05 January 1709 HMS Arrogant (60), Cptn. George Nichols, foundered in a storm while taking naval stores from Lisbon to Port Mahon. top
1795 HMS Blanche (32), Cptn. Robert Faulknor (Killed in Action), captured the French frigate Pique (36), Cptn. Conseil, off Guadeloupe
1798 HMS Pomone (44), Cptn. Robert Carthew Reynolds, sank privateer Cheri (26), Cptn. Chassin, off Ushant
1800 HMS Mastiff, Gun-boat No.35, Lt. James Watson, wrecked on Cockle Sands, Yarmouth Roads.
1806 British operation to capture the Cape of Good Hope bugun by a squadron under Commodore Sir Home Popham
1807 HMS Nautilus (18), Edward Palmer, wrecked off the Island of Pora.
1809 HMS Loire (40), Cptn. Alexander Wilmot Schomberg, captured Hebe (20) off Lisbon.

Fortress of Gluckstadt on the Elbe captured, in co-operation with the Crown Prince of Sweden, by a British squadron under the command of Cptn. A. Farquhar of HMS Desiree (36) with HMS Shamrock schooner (10),  J. Marshall, HMS Hearty brig (12), J. Eose, HMS Blazer brig (14), Lt. Francis Banks, HMS Piercer brig (14), Lt  Joshua Kneeshaw, HMS Redbreast brig (12), Sir George Mouat Keith, and eight gun boats.

Fortress of Cattaro, Adriatic, taken by HMS Bacchante (38), Cptn. William Hoste, and HMS Saracen (18), Cptn. John Harper.

1855 USS Plymouth (22) crew skirmish with Chinese troops
06 January 1760 HMS Mermaid (24), Cptn. James Hackman,  wrecked off the Bahamas top
1762 HMS Venus (32) Cptn. Harrison, took Boulogne.
1801 Boats of HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. T. Rogers, captured French convoy of fifteen sail.
1806 HMS Favourite (16), Cdr. John Davie, captured by French squadron under Cptn. L'Hermite off Cape de Verd Islands
1807 Boats of HMS Imperieuse (38), Cptn. Lord Cochrane, destroyed a fortress in Bay of Arcasson, near Rochefort.

Boats of HMS Bacchante (38), Cptn. William Hoste, took 5 French gun-brigs off  Otranto.

Boats of HMS Havannah (36) ,Cptn. Hon. George Cadogan captured 3 vessels and a gunboat in a creek off the Adriatic.

1814 HMS Tagus (38), Cptn. Philip Pipon, and HMS Niger (38), Cptn. Peter Ranier, took the French frigate Ceres (44), Cptn. Baron de Bourgainville, off Cape Verde Islands.
07 January 1794 Unaware of Hood's evacuation HMS Moselle (24), H. A. Bennett, entered Toulon harbour and was taken by the French. top
1798 HMS Garnet, James Clark, wrecked on a reef off Cape François
1799 HMS Apollo (38),  Cptn. Peter Halkett, wrecked running on Haak Sands, coast of Holland, whilst chasing a Dutch ship.
1805 HMS Sheerness (44), Cptn. Lord George Stuart, driven on shore and wrecked near Trincomalee when her cables parted during a hurricane .
1809 Start of British campaign to capture Cayenne.
1813 HMS Ferret Sloop (18), Francis Alexander Halliday, wrecked on Newbiggin Point, Northumberland.
08 January 1676 Battle of Stromboli. A French fleet of 20 ships under Abraham Duquesne engaged a combined fleet of 19 Dutch and one Spanish ship under Lieutenant-Admiral-General Michiel de Ruyter. top
1761 HMS Unicorn (28) ,Cptn. Joseph Hunt (Killed in Action), took Vestal (26), M. Boisbertelot (Killed in Action), off the Penmarks.
1797 HMS Indefatigable (44), Cptn. Sir Edward Pellew, and HMS Amazon (36), Cptn. Robert Carthew Reynolds, drove ashore Droits de l'Homme (74) which was wrecked on the Penmarks. HMS Amazon also wrecked on the sands at Adiant.
1798 HMS Kingfisher (18), Cptn. Charles Herbert Pierrepont, Earl Manvers, captured French privateer Betsey (16).
1811 HMS Fleur de la Mer (8), Lt. John Alexander (3), foundered in the Atlantic
09 January 1735 John Jervis (later Earl of St Vincent) born top
1801 HMS Constitution (14), Lt. Whiston, captured by two French cutters then re-captured by HMS Harpy (18), William Birchall, and HMS Greyhound (32).
1806 Nelson's funeral at St. Paul's Cathedral, London.
1809 HMS Morne Fortunée (12), John Brown, wrecked off Martinique.
1826 HM Brig Sloop Algerine (l0), Cdr. Charles Wemyss, capsised in a squall off Hydra, Mediterranean
10 January 1755 Adam Duncan confirmed in the rank of Lieutenant. top

HMS Plover (18), Philip Browne, took the French privateer brig Saratu  (14), M. Rosse, off St. Malo.

Boats of HMS Christian VII (80), Cptn. Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, and HMS Armide (38), Cptn. Lucius Hardyman, attacked in Basque Road a French convoy of 4 vessels. 3 were driven ashore and completely burnt, the fourth, a chasse-maree, was taken.

1811 Tamatave bombarded by British.
1847 American naval forces occupy Los Angeles. 
11 January 1742 HMS Tiger (32), Cptn. Edward Herbert, wrecked on a key near Tortuga top
1761 HMS Seahorse (24), Cptn. James Smith, and HMS Unicorn (28), Lt. John Symons-Acting, engaged Le Grand (34) off Start Point
1794 HMS Juno (32), Cptn. Samuel Hood, having unwarily entered Toulon after the British evacuation came under fire from shore batteries but escaped.
1809 HMS Magnet Sloop (18), Lt. George Morris, struck Saltholme Shoal but got off then wrecked on another shoal in the Malmo Channel, Baltic.
1810 HMS Cherokee (10), Cdr. Richard Arthur, boarded and carried Aimable Nelly (16) anchored near Dieppe pier head under the batteries.
1863 CSS Alabama (8) Steam-sloop, Raphael Semmes, sinks USS Hatteras Paddle-steamer Gunboat, Cdr. Henry T. Blake, off Galveston 
12 January 1794 HMS Sphinx captured Trompeuse (16) near Cape Clear Island. top
1799 HMS Weazle (14) wrecked off Barnstaple Bay
1805 HMS Doris (36), Cptn. Patrick Campell, struck the Diamond Rock rock in Quiberon Bay. Due to leak sustained, 3 days later off the Loire, the ship was set on fire and she burned until her after magazine blew up and she sank 
1810 HMS Scorpion (18), Cptn. Francis Stanfell, captured Oreste (16), Lt. Monnier, off Basse-Terre.
1813 US Frigate Chesapeake (38), Cptn. Samuel Evans, captures British merchant Volunteer 
1847 US Sloop Lexington (6) landed party at San Blas, Mexico and captured guns.

HMS Victory (100) entered Portsmouth dock where she remains to this day 

13 January 1741 HMS Otter (8) wrecked off Aldeburgh top
1766 HMS Aurora (32) launched at Chatham
1798 Lt. Lord Camelford, commanding HMS Favorite (16), shot dead Lt. Charles Peterson commanding, HMS Perdrix(22),  for mutiny in an argument over seniority at English Harbour, Antigua
1808 HM brig Pandora (18), Henry Hume Spence, captured the French privateer Entreprenante (16), M. Bloudin, near Cap Gris Nez

Cumberland merchant ship, Cptn. Barret  with 26 men, defeated four French privateers, taking 170 men, who had boarded the Cumberland, prisoners.

1815 Capture of St. Mary's, Georgia, by the British over 2 days.
1818 HMS Shark (16), Lt. Charles Newton Hunter, wrecked at Jamaica
14 January 1797 HMS Amazon (36), Cptn. Robert Carthew Reynolds, wrecked on the French coast, near Isle Bas, while pursuing Droits de L'Homme (74), Cptn. Jean-Baptiste Raymond de Lacrosse, with HMS Indefatigable (44), Cptn. Sir Edward Pellew. The French ship was also wrecked. top
1798 HMS Sibylle (38), Cptn. Edward Cooke, and HMS Fox (32), Cptn. Pulteney Malcolm, at Caista Roads, Manilla.
1805 HMS Doris (36), Cptn. Patrick Campbell, badly damaged striking the Diamond Rock was set on fire and blown up near the mouth of the Loire
1813 US Frigate Chesapeake (38), Cptn. Samuel Evans, captures British merchant brig Liverpool Hero
1827 HM Sloop Nimrod (18), Cdr. Samuel Sparshott, bilged in Holyhead Bay
15 January 1743 HMS Sapphire (44), Cptn. Charles Holmes, sank two Spanish Privateers and destroyed three at Vigo.  top
1808 HMS Sparkler (12), Lt. James Samuel Asked Dennis, driven ashore by a gale and wrecked on the Dutch coast
1809 HMS Pigeon (4), Lt. Richard Cox, ran ashore near Margate and was bilged
1814 Cutter of HMS Castor (32), Cptn. Charles Dilkes, took L'Heureux (1) under the guns of Montjui.
1815 Squadron of 4 British ships, HMS Majestic (54), Commodore John Hayes, HMS Endymion (50), Cptn. Henry Hope, HMS Tenedos (38), Cptn. Hyde Parker, and HMS Pomone (38), Cptn. Philip Cartaret, captured USS President (44), Commodore Stephen Decatur, off New York.
16 January 1704 HMS Colchester (48), Cptn. David Wavell, foundered at Whitsand Bay top
1780 Moonlight Battle. British fleet under Rodney defeat Spanish under de Langara and relieve Gibraltar.
1798 Boats of HMS Babel captured Desiree.
1801 HMS Garland (22), Cptn. Robert Honyman, and consorts captured Eclair, &c.
1808 HMS Linnet (14), Lt. John Tracy, captured Cherbourg privateer lugger Courier (18), Cptn. Alex Black, off Cape Barfleur.
1814 Start of 5 day engagement in which HMS Venerable (74), Cptn. James Andrew Worth, and HMS Cyane (22), Cptn. Thomas Forrest, took L'Iphigenie (38) and Alcmene (44) off Madeira
17 January 1741 HMS Astrea storeship, Cptn. Swanton, accidentally burnt at Piscaraway [Piscatagua]. top
1770 HMS Jamaica (14) foundred off Jamaica
1815 HMS Sylph (18), George Dickins, struck the Southampton Bar at Shinecock Bay (or Canoe Place) at the east end of Long Island, capsized, and broke in two.
18 January 1813 Start of campaign to capture islands of Lagosta and Carzola, Adriatic, by HMS Apollo (38), Cptn. Bridges W. Taylor, and troops. top
1814 HMS Severn (40), Cptn. Joseph Nourse, escorting a convoy engaged French frigates Etoile (40), Cptn. Pierre-Henri Phillibert, and Sultane (40), Cptn. Georges Du-Petit-Thouars.
19 January 1678 HMS Guernsey engaged an Algerine Corsair.  top
1799 HMS Grampus (20) Store-ship, wrecked near Woolwich.
1804 HMS Fearless Gun-boat (12), Lt. Williams, driven on shore and wrecked in Cawsand Bay.
1808 HMS Flora (36), Cptn. Loftus Otway Bland, wrecked on the coast of Holland.
1811 HMS Satellite (16), Hon. Willoughby Bertie, foundered in the Channel
1839 Capture of Aden by HMS Volage (28), Cptn. Henry Smith, and troops.
20 January 1783 Great Britain and the United States sign a provisional peace treaty proclaiming an end to hostilities. top
1801 HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. T. Rogers, captured Sans Pareille (20), Lt. Gabriel Renault, off Sardinia.
1809 HMS Claudia Cutter (10), Lt. Anthony Bliss William Lord, wrecked off Norway.
1810 French convoy driven on shore near La Rochelle.

HMS Jaspar Sloop wrecked on Rocks under Mount Batten, entrance of Catwater.

HMS Telegraph (14), Lt. John Little, wrecked by a gale whilst anchored off the Eastern Hoe in Plymouth Sound.

21 January 1782 HMS Blonde (32), Cptn. Andrew Barclay, wrecked on Nantucket Shoal top
1793 Louis XVI of France executed
1800 Transport ship Weymouth (26), Cdr. Ambrose Crofton, wrecked on the Bar of Lisbon

HMS Julia wrecked on Castle Rocks at the entrance of Dartmouth Harbour.

HMS Doris (36), Cptn. Patrick Campbell, wrecked on the Diamond Rock off Quiberon Bay.

1807 Boats of HMS Galatea (32), Cptn. George Sayer, captured  French corvette Lynx (16) off the coast of Venezuela
1810 Batteries at Baie Mahout, Guadaloupe, destroyed by British.

HM Brig Sloop Jasper (10), Cdr. Thomas Carew, and HM Schooner Telegraph (12), Lt. John Little, wrecked on the point of Mount Batten, at the entrance of Catwater.

22 January 1755 John Jervis (later Earl of St Vincent) passed as Lieutenant top
1794 HEICS Britannia, Cptn. Thomas Cheap, and HEICS Nonsuch, Cptn. John Canning, captured French privateers Vengeur (34), Cptn. Corosin, and Resolu (26), Cptn. Jallineaux, off Zuften isles.
1798 HMS Sybylle (44), Cptn. Edward Cooke, and HMS Fox (32), Cptn. Pulteney Malcolm, at Sambangen on the island of Majindiao.
1800 Cptn. Thomas Tingey USN ordered to duty as first Superintendent of the Washington Navy Yard 
1807 HM schooner Felix (14), Lt. Robert Cameron (Acting), cartel, wrecked near Santander

HMS Cleopatra (32), Cptn. Samuel John Brooke-Petchell, HMS Jason (32), Cptn. William Maude, and HMS Hazard (16), Hugh Cameron, captured Topaze (48), Cptn. Lahalle, anchored under a small battery south of Point Noir, Guadeloupe.

HMS Primrose (18), James Mein, wrecked on the Manacle near Falmouth.

23 January 1761

HMS Minerva (32), Cptn. Alexander Hood, took Warwick. (34), M. la Verger de Belair, 30 leagues west of Cape Pinas

1781 HMS Culloden (74), Cptn. Balfour, wrecked on the east end of Long Island in a gale.
1793 HMS Providence, Cptn. William Bligh, and HMS Assistant arrive St Vincent, West Indies, on 2nd breadfruit voyage.
1798 HMS Melampus (36), Cptn. Graham Moore, captured French corvette Volage (22), M. Desageneaux.
1801 The company of HMS Active (38), in a Spanish prize, captured Sta. Maria.

HMS Felix Schooner (14), Lt. Robert Clarke(2), wrecked in St. Andero Bay, near Santander.

HMS Orpheus (32), Cptn. Thomas Briggs, wrecked on a coral reef in the West Indies

1814 HMS Astrea (36), Cptn. John Everleigh, and HMS Creole (36), Cptn. George C. Mackenzie, engaged Etoile and Sultane off the island of Maio.
24 January 1761

HMS Richmond (32), Cptn. Elphinstone, destroyed Felicite (32), Cptn. Donell (Killed in Action), off Flanders.


HMS Iris (36) Cptn. John Tower, captured the French privateer lugger Marsouin (14) off the Lizard

25 January 1782

The Battle of St Kitts (aka The Battle of Frigate Bay). The British fleet under Rear-Admiral Sir Samuel Hood out manouvered and was attacked by a larger French fleet under the Comte de Grasse off Basse Terre, St. Kitts. Hood repulsed repeated attacks but could not prevent the loss of the Island.

HMS Solebay (28) wrecked off Nevis

1794 HEICS Houghton, Cptn. Hudson, and HEICS Nonsuch, Cptn. John Canning, engaged Cybele off Saint-Nicholas point, Java
1800 HMS Brazen (18), Cptn. J. Hanson, driven by a gale on to the Ave Rocks near Newhaven and wrecked.
1824 HMS Columbine Sloop (18), Hon. Chas. Abbot, wrecked in the harbour of Port Longue, Island of Sapienza
26 January 1793 Horatio Nelson appointed to command HMS Agamemnon (64). top
1800 HMS Brazen (18), James Hanson, was driven by a gale on to the Ave Rocks near Newhaven and was destroyed
1805 HM brig Epervier (16), John Impey, captured the French privateer schooner L'Elizabeth (4)
1808 William Bligh deposed as governor of NSW by 'Rum Rebellion' mutiny.
27 January 1695 Capture of Content and Trident by an English Squadron. top

HMS Oiseau (32), Cptn. Linzee, and HMS Sirius (36), Cptn. Richard King, captured Dedaigneuse (36) off Cape Finisterre.

HMS Amethyst  (36), Capt. John Cooke, and HMS Sirius (36), Cptn. Richard King, captured the Spanish letter of marque Charlotta some 20 miles north of Cape Belem

HMS Concorde (36), Cptn. Barton, engaged Bravure about 75 miles west of Cape Finisterre.


HMS Lark (16), Cptn. Robert Nicholas, captured two Spanish guarda costa schooners bound for Porto Bello, Postillon (3) and Carmen (5).

HMS Jason (32), Cptn. Thomas John Cochrane, re-took Favourite (16), Lt. Le Marant Daniel, off the Soramine River, Surinam.

1813 HMS Daring (12), Lt. William R. Pascoe, was run ashore on Tamara (one of the Loss Islands, off Guinea) and burnt when threatened by two French frigates, Arethuse and Rubis.
1816 Samuel Hood died
28 January 1778 Second American New Providence Expedition raises the flag with thirteen stripes over Fort Nassau.  top
1799 HMS Proserpine (28), Cptn. James Wallis, struck sand bank in the river Elbe in bad weather and wrecked.
1801 HMS Forte (44), Cptn. Lucius Ferdinand Hardyman, wrecked on a sunken rock in the harbour of Jedda, Red Sea.
1805 HMS Gipsy destroyed privateer schooner.

HMS Growler (12), Lt. Thomas Nesbitt, captured French privateer lugger Voltigeur (6) off St. Malo.

HMS Attack (14), Lt. Thomas Swain, captured French privateer lugger Sorcier (14), Guillaume Francoise Neele, off St. Malo.

1812 HMS Manilla (38), Cptn. John Joyce, wrecked on Haaks, Texel.
1814 Surrender of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) to HMS Bacchante (38), Cptn. William Hoste, HMS Saracen (18), John Harper, and troops.
29 January 1703 HMS Lincoln (48) foundered top
1719 HMS Crown (48) wrecked off the Tagus
1781 Wilmington surrendered to the Blonde (32), Cptn. Andrew Barclay, with HMS Delight (14), HMS Otter (14) and consorts.

HMS Bourdelais (24), Cptn. Thomas Manby, sunk French national corvette La Curieuse (18), Cptn. Radelet, off Barbados

HM Fireship Incendiary (16), Cptn. Richard Dalling Dunn, taken and destroyed off Cape Spartel by French Squadron under Rear-Admiral Ganteaume


HMS Raven (14), Lt.(act. Cdr.) William Layman, wrecked on the beach at Santa Catalina, near Cadiz.

HMS Kingfisher (18), Richard William Cribb, captured French privateer Deux Amis (6), Francis Dutrique, in the Caribbean

1810 Boats of HMS Phoenix (36), Cptn Thomas Baker, and HMS Jalouse (18) captured Charles (14).
1814 HMS Holly Schooner (8), Lt. Samuel Sharpe Treacher, parted her cables in a violent gale and ran onto the rocks under the Mount of San Sebastian and was wrecked.
1856 HM paddle-sloop Polyphemus (5), Cdr. F.P. Warren, wrecked on sandbank near Hansholman Light off coast of Jutland
30 January 1761 HMS Venus (32), Cptn. Harrison, and HMS Juno (32), Capt. Henry Towry, took La Brune (32), to the westward of Scilly
1779 HMS Weazel (16), Cdr. Lewis Robertson, was taken by La Boudeuse (36), off St. Eustatia. top
1794 HMS Amphitrite (24), Cptn. Anthony Hunt, wrecked after striking an uncharted submerged rock whilst on passage between Elba and Livorno.
1808 HMS Delight captured by the French at Reggio.

Start of  Sir A. Cochrane's campaign to capture Martinique.

HM Cutter Haddock (4), Ch. Win. Selwyn, captured by the French brig Genie (16) in the Channel.

1862 USS Monitor launched.
31 January 1748 HMS Nottingham (60), Cptn. Harland, and HMS Portland (50), Cptn. Charles Stevens, took Magnanime (74) off Ushant. top
1779 HMS Apollo (32), Cptn. Philemon Pownall, took Oiseau.
1797 HMS Andromache (32) captured an Algerine corsair.

HMS Delight Sloop (16), Philip Cosby Handfield, wrecked on the coast of Calabria.

HMS Leda (38), Cptn. Robert Honeyman,  wrecked at the entrance of Milford Haven.

1812 HMS Laurel (36), Cptn. Samuel Campbell Rowley, wrecked on the sunken Govivas rock in Teigneuse Passage, Quiberon Bay.
1823 HMS Naiad (38), Cptn. Robert Cavendish Spencer, and HMS Cameleon (10) captured Algerine corsair Tripoli (18).
1828 HMS Cambrian (38), Cptn. Gawen William Hamilton, wrecked in attacking piratesoff the fort at Grabusa (or Carabousa), a small island about a mile off Akra Vouxa, the north-west point of Crete.

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*Dates of events prior to September 1752 may be quoted differently in some countries as both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use by countries. Calendars were regularised when Britain passed the Calendar Act of 1751 An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year; and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use.

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