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01 September 1747 HMS Hind (14) foundered in North America.
1748 HMS Serpent bomb (12) wrecked
1762 HMS Lyon (60), Cptn. Le Cross, captured French frigate  Zephyre (26).
1810 The Danish brig Lougen, Lt. Cdr. Jochum N. Müller, and the brig Langeland, Lt. Thomas Lütken, together with 3 schooners, under Lt. Broder Wigelsen arrived at Trondhjem, Norway, following a successful expedition to the Northern Atlantic, bringing 11 large prizes.
1812 Boats of HMS Bacchante (38), Cptn. William Hoste, captured French national xebec Tisiphone (3), two gunboats and seven vessels from a convoy, at Port Lemo, Adriatic.

A British squadron under Rear Ad. Edward Griffith's capture Castine in Penobscot Bay.

HMS Avon (18), Hon. James Arbuthnot, sunk by USS Wasp sloop (22), Cptn. Johnston Blakely, off L'Orient.

02 September

1759 The naval Battle of Pondicherry. Indecisive battle between a British squadron under Vice-Admiral George Pocock and French squadron under Comte d'Aché. top
1762 HMS Aeolus (32), Cptn. William Lord Hotham, drove Spanish West-Indiaman St. Joseph ashore in Aviles Bay near Cape Pinas and set her on fire.
1782 HMS Duc de Chartres (16), Cptn. J. C. Purvis, took French frigate Aigle (22) .

Start of long engagement in which HMS Victor (18), George Ralph Collier, destroyed a French corvette Fleche (20), Lt. Bonamy, in the inner harbour at Mahe, Seychelles.

HMS Minerve (38), Cptn. George Cockburn, HMS Pomone (44), Cptn. Gower, and HMS Phoenix (36), Cptn. L. W. Halsted, chased Le Succes (32) which ran aground off Vado and struck and La Bravoure which grounded off Livorno and was wrecked.


Bombardment of Second Battle of Copenhagen commenced by British fleet under Admiral Gambier.

1809 Danish gunboat flotilla from Fladstrand, Northern Jutland, under Lt. Nicolai H. Tuxen, takes brig HMS Minx (14), Lt. George Le Blanc, that was stationed as a light ship off Skagen Reef.
1811 Danish brigs Lolland, Samsø and Alsen, under Cdr. Hans P. Holm, attacks 2 British brigs in the River Ems, Norway and HMS Manly (14), Lt. Martin White, is taken.
1812 Boats of HMS Menelaus (38), Cptn. Peter Parker, brought out a French letter of marque, St. Esprit, from the River Mignore near Civita Vecchia.
03 September 1665 British squadron under Lord Sandwich captures the Dutch East India Fleet. top
1691 HMS Coronation (90) sank in a storm whilst attempting to get into Plymouth Sound
1782 As a token of gratitude for French aid during American Revolution, the U.S. gives America (first ship-of-the-line built by U.S.) to France to replace a French ship lost in Boston.
Hughes engaged Suffren (4th action).
1783 Britain and US sign treaty of Paris formally ending War of Independance 
1800 Boats of HMS Minotaur (74), Cptn. Thomas Louis, and HMS Niger (33), Cptn. James Hillyer, cut out corvettes La Paz (22) and Esmeralda  (22) from the Roads off Barcelona.

HMS Rinaldo (10), James Anderson, and HMS Redpole (10), Colin M'Donald, engaged a flotilla of Boulogne.

A Court of Inquiry began to sit, to investigate the conduct of Commodore Rodgers, USS President (44) respecting his affair with HMS Little Belt (20), Arthur Batt Bingham

1813 6 Danish cannon shallops, under Lt. Martinus C. Klaumann, en route on the Eider to reinforce the naval forces at Glückstadt, fight their way through a British blockade, consisting of 13 gunboats and 4 armed shallops. 2 British gunboats are sunk.

American frigate USS Adams (28) and 10 vessels destroyed by British squadron under Rear Ad. Edward Griffith's up the Penobscot river at Hamden.

Boats of HMS Nancy (3) captured U.S. schooner Tigress.

04 September 1777 HMS Druid (16), Cptn. Carteret, attacked by American frigate Raleigh (36), Cptn. Thomas Thompson,  while escorting a convoy. top
1782 HMS Rainbow (44), Cptn. Henry Trollope, took French frigate Hebe (40) off the Ile de Bas.
1801 HMS Proselyte (32) wrecked off St. Martin the West Indies

USS Intrepid fireship, Lt. Richard Somers, blew up in failed attack on Tripoli with loss of all hands.

De Ruyter (32), Joseph Beckett, lost in a hurricane in Deep Bay, Antigua.

1807 The island of Heligoland is occupied by British forces
1812 Boats of HMS Menelaus (38), Cptn. Peter Parker,  brought out a government transport, Fidelle, laden with ship's timbers from the entrance to the Orbitello Lake.
1839 British action with junks at Kowlung.

05 September

1770 William Bligh entered as Midshipman on HMS Hunter. top
1776 Adoption of first uniforms for US Navy officers
1781 First day of Second Naval Battle of the Virginia Capes. French under de Grasse drive off British under Graves
1800 French at Malta capitulated.
1806 HMS Wolf (16), George Charles Mackenzie, wrecked in the Bahamas
1807 HMS Majestic (74), Cptn. George Hart, and HMS Quebec (32) took Heligoland.
1810 Boats of HMS Surveillante (36), Cptn. George Ralph Collier, captured a French brig sheltering between the batteries of St. Guildas and St. Jaques near the Loire.
1813 Brig USS Enterprise (16), Lt. William Burrows (Killed in Action), captures HM brig Boxer, Samuel Blyth (Killed in  Action), off Portland, Maine.
06 September 1781 HMS Savage (14), Charles Stirling, taken by American privateer Congress (24), Cptn. Gedded, off Charleston. top
1800 HMS Stag (32), Cptn. Robert Winthrop, parted her cables in Vigo bay and was laid her on her beam ends by strong winds. She made sail, but hurricane force winds drove her on shore at Point Subudo where she was holed on a rock. After some of her stores had been salvaged the Rear Admiral ordered her to be burnt.
1808 HMS Recruit (18), Chas. Napier, engaged French sloop Diligente (18) off Antigua.
1811 HMS Pilot (18), John Toup Nicholas, dispersed troops at Castellan.
1814 HMS Nancy, captured Scorpion in Lake Huron.
07 September 1776

David Bushnell attempts to destroy a British Ship of the Line, HMS Asia (64), Cptn. George Vanderput, in New York harbor with his submarine American Turtle.

1798 HMS Phaeton (38), Cptn. Robert Stopford, and HMS Alison captured Flore.
1809 Boats of HMS Mercury (28), Cptn. Henry Duncan, captured French schooner Pugliese in the port of Barletta, Adriatic.
1810 Boats of HMS Dreadnought (98), Cptn. G. B. Salt, carried a French vessel.
1811 HMS Barbadoes (28), Capt. Edward Rushworh, and HMS Goshawk (16), James Lilburne, engaged seven French brigs, each armed with 3 long 24-pounders and a mortar, near the Calvados Rocks, Baie de la Seine and drove one ashore..
1834 HMS Imogene (28), Cptn. Price Blackwood, and HMS Andromache (28), Cptn. Henry Ducie Chads, engaged in the Canton River.
1864 USS Wachusett captures CSS Florida at Bahia, Brazil
08 September 1656 Frigate squadron under Vice Ad. Sir Richard Stayner captures two treasure ships of the Spanish plate fleet off Cadiz  top
1801 HMS Sylph (18), Charles Dashwood, engaged Artemise.
1811 HMS Hotspur (36), Cptn. Hon. Joscelin Percy, engaged a number of French vessels near near Calvados, Baie de la Seine , sunk one brig, drove two on shore. She grounded as she came within gun-shot  but was got off with assistance from HMS Barbadoes (28), Capt. Edward Rushworh, and HMS Goshawk (16), James Lilburne, after 4 hours under fire from the shore.
1812 HMS Laura cutter (10), Lt. Charles Newton Hunter, captured by French privateer brig Diligent off the Delaware river.
09 September 1754 William Bligh born at Plymouth top
1796 HMS Arrogant (74), Cptn. R. Lucas, and HMS Victorious (74) engaged six French frigates.
1803 Boats of HMS Sheerness (44), Cptn. J. S. Carden, captured two chasse-marees.
1811 HMS Bucephalus (32), Capt. Charles Pelly, started a 5 day engagement with Nymphe and Midusa off Java.
1841 First iron ship authorized by Congress 
10 September 1778 French frigate Junon (32), Cptn. Vicomte de Beaumont, captured the HMS Fox (28), Cptn. Hon. Thomas Windsor (Killed in Action), off Brest top
1807 HMS Explosion Bomb (10), Edward Ellicot, wrecked on a reef near Sandy Island, Heligoland.
1811 Boats of HMS Victory (100) Cptn. George Honey, captured Danish gunboats
1813 In Battle of Lake Erie, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry defeats British squadron, HMS Detroit and 5 consorts captured.
1814 Start of attack on Baltimore by a British squadron under Vice Ad. Sir Alexander Cochrane.
1840 Bombardment of Beyrout by a British squadron under Admiral Robert Stopford.
11 September 1696 HMS Sapphire (32) sunk by the French off Bay of Bulls, Newfoundland. top
1751 HMS Fox (24) foundered during a hurricane off Jamaica

HMS Richmond (32), Cptn. Charles Hudson, and HMS Iris (28), Cptn. George Dawson, having been ordered to enter the Chesapeake and cut away the buoys left when the French slipped their cables, were taken when the fleet under the Comte de Grasse returned as they were completing the task.

HMS Terrible (74) was burnt as unseaworthy due to damage received at the Battle of the Capes.

1782 HMS Warwick (50) and HMS Lion (64) took L'Aigle (40) French frigate.
1800 Curacoa capitulated to British.
1809 HMS Diana cutter (10), Lt. William Kempthorne, captured Dutch brig Zephyr (14) off the island of Celebes.
1810 Boats of HMS Africaine (38), Cptn. Robert Corbett, engaged a French schooner up a small creek on the Ile Ronde, Mauritius  Although they boarded her, she had to be abandoned when soldiers on the banks killed two men and wounded sixteen.
1814 In Battle of Lake Champlain, American squadron under Commodore Thomas Macdonough, USS Saratoga (26), USS Eagle (20), USS Ticonderago (17), USS Preble (7) and 10 gun boats defeats a British Squadron,of HMS Confiance (36), Cptn. George Downie (Killed in Action) , HMS Linnet (16), Cptn. Daniel Pring, HMS Chubb (10) and HMS Finch (8) all taken.
1840 Attack on castle of Gebail by HMS Carysfort (26), Cptn. Byam Martin, and consorts.
12 September 1758 HMS Shrewsbury (74), Cptn. Hugh Palliser, drove French frigate Calypso ashore off Brest. top
1780 HMS Vestal (28), Cptn. George Keppel, accompanied by HMS Fairy (14) took American privateer Phoenix (16).
1792 Trial of some of the Bounty mutineers at Portsmouth.
13 September 1782 Grand attack upon Gibraltar by the Spaniards.  top

HMS Arrow (28), N. Portlock, and HMS Wolverine (16), William Bolton, captured Batavian Draak (24) and Gier (14)anchored under the island of Ulie at the entrance to the Texel. Draak turned out to be a sheer hulk so Cptn. Bolton burnt her.


HMS Lark (16), Lt. Johnstone, captured Spanish privateer schooner Esperance, within the Portillo Reefs, Cuba.

British attack on Porto Ferrajo, Elba.

1803  HMS Cerberus (32), Cptn. W. Selby and consorts bombard Granville.
1810 HMS Africaine  (38), Cptn. Robert Corbett (Killed in Action), taken by Astree (38) and Iphigenie (38), but re-taken by HMS Boadicea (38), Cptn. Josias Rowley.
14 September 1779 HMS Pearl (32), Cptn George Montagu, took Spanish frigate Santa Monica (32) off the Western Islands. top
1803 Dieppe bombarded by HMS Immortalite (42), Cptn. Edward William Campbell Owen, and bombs HMS Perseus and HMS Explosion, Cptn. Paul.
1806 HMS Bellisle (74), Cptn. William Hargood, HMS Bellona (74), Cptn. John Erskine Douglas, and HMS Melampus (36), Cptn. Stephen Poyntz, drove Impetueux (74), Cptn. le Veyer aground some 35 miles off Cape Henry. They took off the crew and set fire to her.
1840 Batroun captured by HMS Hastings (72), Cptn. John Lawrence, HMS Carysfort (26), Cptn. Byam Martin, and HMS Cyclops.
15 September 1747 HMS Lyme (24) foundered in the Atlantic top
1806 HMS Anson (64), Cptn. Charles Lydiard, engaged French Foudroyant (80)
1808 French frigate Canonniere (44), Cptn. Bourayne, captured HMS Laurel (22), Cptn. J. C. Woolcombe, off Port Louis in Mauritius.
1814 HMS Hermes (20), Cptn. Hon. William Henry Percy, and HMS Sophie (18), Cptn. Lockyer, engaged Fort Bowyer on Mobile Point. Consorts HMS Carron, and HMS Childers (18), J. B. Umfreville, did not engage. Whilst withdrawing, Hermes, with all her rigging shot away, was unmanageable and grounded with her stern to the fort. Boats of the squadron took off the crew and she was set on fire, subsequently exploding. 
16 September 1762 HMS Humber (44) wrecked on Hazeboro Sands top
1776 HMS Savage (8) wrecked at Louisburg, Nova Scotia.
1782 HMS Glorieux (74), Cptn. Hon. T. Cadogan, foundered and HMS Ramillies (74) burnt after being damaged in a hurricane off Newfoundland
1813 Boats of HMS Swallow (18), Edward Reynolds Sibly, took French government transport Guerriere (4) close to Port d'Anzo (Anzio).
17 September 1797 HMS Pelican (18), Lt. Thomas White (Act.), destroyed French privateer Trompeur (12) off St. Domingo. top
1807 HMS Barbara (10), Lt. Edward D'Arcy, captured by privateer General Ernouf (14).
1812 Boats of HMS Eagle (74), Cptn. Charles Rowley, capture 2 gunboats and 15 vessels laden with oil and destroy 6 gunboats off the mouths of the Po.
1840 Caiffa captured by HMS Castor (26), Cptn. Edward Collier, and HMS Pique (36), Cptn. Robert Boxer.
1861 Union landing party from USS Massachusetts takes possession of Ship Island south of New Orleans, LA.
18 September 1666 Capture of the French Rubis (60) by British squadron under Ad. Sir Thomas Allin. top
1740 Departure from St. Helens of Commodore George Anson on voyage of circumnavigation on board HMS Centurion (60) with HMS Gloucester (50), HMS Severn (48), Cptn. Hon. Edward Legge, HMS Pearl (42), Cptn. Matthew Mitchell, HMS Wager (24), Cptn. Dandy Kidd, the sloop HMS Trial, Cdr. Francis Holburne, and two storeships, Anna and Industry.
1743 HMS Bridgewater (24), Cptn. William Fielding, lost off Newfoundland
1804 HMS Centurion (50), Cptn. J. Lind (Lt. J. E. Phillips Acting for part of the action as Lind was ashore), engaged French Marengo (74), Rear- Admiral Linois, Atalante (40) and Semillante (36) in Vizagapatam Road

HMS Ceylon (38), Cptn. Charles Gordon, taken by French Venus (44), Commodore Hamelin, and Victor (16) off Mauritius.

HMS Boadicea (38), Cptn. Josias Rowley, HMS Otter (18), Cptn. James Tompkinson, and HMS Staunch (14) Lt. Benjamin Street, took French Venus (44), Commodore Hamelin, and retook HMS Ceylon (38).

1812 Capture of 8 armed and 18 merchant vessels by boats of HMS Bacchante (38), Cptn. William Hoste, off the coast of Apulia.
19 September 1700 HMS Carlisle (48), Cptn. Francis Dove, blew up by an unknown accident in the Downs while the captain was on shore. All the crew on board were lost.  top
20 September 1709 HMS Plymouth (60), Cptn. Jonas Hanway, captured French Ariadne (40) top
1746 First day of Admiral Richard Lestock's attempt to capture of the French East India company's dockyard at L'Orient. 
1799 HMS Rattlesnake (16), Lt. William Fothergill (Acting as Lt. Samuel Gooch commanding was ashore), and armed storeship HMS Camel (26), John Lee, engaged French frigate Freueuse (46) in Algoa Bay
1803 HMS Princess Augusta cutter (8), Lt. J. W. Scott (Killed in Action), repulsed Dutch cutters Union and Wraak. 45 miles N. E. of Texel.

Buonaparte being off Boulogne, ordered seven armed praams to attack HMS Naiad (38), Cptn. Philip Carteret, but they were all repulsed, and compelled to seek shelter under their batteries.


Thomas Masterman Hardy died.

21 September 1742 HMS Tilbury (60), Cptn. Digby Dent (2), burnt by accident off Hispaniola. top
1759 Adam Duncan promoted commander into HMS Royal Exchange
1779 HMS Suffolk (74) and squadron took Fortunle, Blanche and Elise.
1782 HMS Centaur (74) foundered in severe gale off Newfoundland banks.
1809 HMS Raisonnable (64), Cptn. Josias Rowley,  and consorts took St. Paul, Bourbon.

HMS Naiad (38), Cptn. Philip Carteret, with HMS Redpole (10), Colin M'Donald, HMS Rinaldo (10), James Anderson, HMS Castilian (18), David Braimer, and HMS Viper (4), Lt. Edward A. D'Arcy, again attacked off Boulogne but the enemy fled as before, leaving one praam Ville de Lyon (12), M. Barbaudin, taken by Naiad.

1813 HMS Goshawk Sloop (16), Hon. William John Napier, wrecked to the eastward of the Mole Head, Barcelona.
1858 Sloop Niagara departs Charleston, SC, for Liberia with African slaves rescued from slave ship.
22 September 1776 John Paul Jones in Providence sails into Canso Bay, Nova Scotia, and attacks British fishing fleet.  top
1777 HMS Alert (10), Lt. John Bazely, took American brig privateer Lexington (16).
1796 HMS Amphion (32), Cptn. Israel Pellew, caught fire at Plymouth and violently exploded alongside a sheer-hulk.

HMS Hermione (32) handed over to the Spanish by her mutinous crew at La Guira.

23 September 1705 Barcelona capitulates to British. top
1739 Chester and Canterbury capture Spanish Carracca ship San Joseph
1757 Squadron under Ad. Charles Knowles bombarded the Isle of Aix.

John Paul Jones in Bonhomme Richard defeats HMS Serapis (44), Cptn. Richard Pearson, and American Pallas defeats HMS Countess of Scarborough off Flamborough Head, Yorkshire.

1796 HMS Pelican (18), Cptn. John Clarke Searle, engaged French Mé,dé e (40).
24 September 1695 HMS Winchester (60) foundered off Cape Florida top

HMS Southampton (32), Cptn. James Gilchrist, captured French Frigate Emenaude (26)

HMS Tilbury (58), Cptn. Henry Barnsley, wrecked and HMS Ferret (14) foundered off Louisburg during a hurricane


Sir John Jervis and Adam Duncan promoted to Rear-Admiral.

Samuel Hood promoted Vice-Admiral of the Blue

1840 Tyre captured by HMS Castor (26), Cptn. Edward Collier, and HMS Pique (36), Cptn. Robert Boxer.
25 September 1806

Rochefort squadron, Cptn. Sir Samuel Hood acting as Commodore, of 6 ships-of-the-line and a frigate, including HMS Centaur (74), Cptn. W. H. Webley, HMS Monarch (74), and HMS Mars (74), Cptn. Lukin, and HMS Revenge (74), Capt. Robert Moorsom, engaged French squadron of five frigates, Gloire (40), Indefatigable (44), Minerve (44), Armide (44) and Themis (36) and two brigs Lynx (18) and Sylphe (18) bound for the West Indies. GloireIndefatigableMinerve and Armide, all crowded with troops, were taken.

1809 HMS Carieux Sloop (18), Henry George Moysey, wrecked off Petit Terre, Island of Marigalante, West Indies.
26 September 1748 Cuthbert Collingwood born in Newcastle Upon Tyne top
1800 HMS Hound Sloop (16), William James Turquand, wrecked near Shetland.
1805 HMS Calcutta (50), Cptn. Daniel Woodriff, whilst escorting a convoy near the Scillies drew off a French squadron of a  three-decker and four ships-of-the-line with frigates and other vessels. She was captured by French ship-of-the-line Magnanime and frigate Armide (44) but all the convoy except 1 ship made their escape.
1814 Boats of HMS Plantagenet (74), Cptn. Robert Lloyd, and HMS Rota (38), Cptn. Somerville, covered by HMS Carnation (18), George Bentahm, repulsed by American privateer schooner General Armstrong, Cptn. Samuel C. Reid, at anchor in the road at Fayal in the Azores.

Attack on Tortosa, Syria by boats of HMS Benbow (72), Cptn. Houston Stewart, HMS Carysfort (26), Cptn. Byam Martin, and HMS Zebra (18), Robert Stopford. The attack failed as the boats grounded on a reef and there were many casualties before they could be got off.

27 September 1778 HMS Experiment (50) and HMS Unicorn (26) captured Continental Navy frigate Raleigh (32), John Barry, off Boston top
1803 Calais bombarded by HMS Autumn, Samuel Jackson, and consorts.
1806 HMS Dispatch (18), Edward Hawkins, captured French frigate Presidente (40).
1810 Batteries stormed and carried at Pointe du Che by British.

Buonaparte establishes a maritime conscription in the Hanseatic Towns.

1813 HMS Bold Sloop (14), John Skekel, wrecked on Prince Edward's Island.

Sidon captured by HMS Thunderer (84) and squadron.

HMS Imogene (28) burnt while in ordinary in the covered South Dock at Plymouth. The fire started in HMS Talavera (74) and spread through the dockyard sheds and stacked timber. The fire also reached HMS Minden (74), but she was saved, and the Adelaide Gallery, where many important relics and trophies were lost.

28 September 1652 English fleet of 68 ships,under Robert Blake, defeats Dutch fleet of 62 ships, under Vice-Admiral Witte de With, at the Battle of Kentish Knock, off the mouth of the Thames. top

HMS Blanche (32), Cptn. John Ayscough, wrecked after grounding several times in the Texel.

HMS Fox (18), Lt. James Woolridge, wrecked in St. George's Sound, Gulf of Mexico. The crew were stranded on the reef for 32 days.

1805 Nelson joins Collingwood in blockading Cadiz
1807 HMS Louisa (14), Lt. Joseph Hoy, engaged French privateer Le Marsouin (14)
1810 Boats of HMS Rambler (14), Robert Hall, defeated French Dragoons and took a privateer in the river at Barbate that they were protecting.
1822 Sloop-of-war USS Peacock (22), Cdr. Cassis, captures 5 pirate vessels at Funda Bay
1850 Congress outlaws flogging on US Navy ships

29 September


Horatio Nelson Born at Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. 

1795 HMS Southampton (32) engaged Vestale.

Boats of HMS Antelope (50), Commodore Sir Sidney Smith, reconnoitre the enemy fleet in the Texel. At daylight they were pursued by two schooners and five rowing gun vessels and, when the latter became separated, they attacked and sank one before the cutters could reach them.

HMS Leda (38), Cptn. Robert Honeyman, drove ashore 2 gun-vessels off Boulogne.

1808 HMS Maria gun brig, Lieut. James Bennett (Killed in Action), captured by French corvette Departement des Landes (22) off Point Antigua, Grand Terre, Guadeloupe. The French ran her on shore and left her a wreck.

HMS Barbadoes (28),  Cptn. Thomas Huskisson, and 2 of the convoy she was escorting wrecked on Sable Island, Bermuda.

Capture of 4 French vessels at Valencia by HMS Minstrel (18), John Strutt Peyton.

Attack on Mittau, Riga by flotilla of Russian and British gunboats.

1829 USS Hornet (20) lost in gale of Tampico, Mexico
30 September 1780 HMS Pearl (32), Cptn George Montagu, took French frigate Esperance (28) off Bermuda. top
1800 U.S. concludes treaty of peace with France, ending Quasi War with France. 
1814 HMS Crane Sloop (18), Robert Standly, foundered in the West Indies with the loss of all hands.
1822 HMS Eliza tender (1) engaged two pirates off Guajaba and took one Firme Union (5).

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*Dates of events prior to September 1752 may be quoted differently in some countries as both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use by countries. Calendars were regularised when Britain passed the Calendar Act of 1751 An Act for Regulating the Commencement of the Year; and for Correcting the Calendar now in Use.

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