Author :: Marsha Canham
Series :: Pirate Wolf Trilogy
First Published by :: Signet Book
Format :: PB
Date :: March 2003
ISBN-10 :: 0451208153
ISBN-13 :: 9780451208156


Bound for the Caribbean on a mission for the king, Varian St.Clare's ship is attacked by a Spanish galleon. When a pirate ship, the Iron Rose comes to their rescue, cannons blazing, the emissary is suprised to learn the captain is a woman, Juliet Dante, daughter of the infamous Pirate Wolf.

The Iron Rose

Author: Marsha Canham

Title: The Iron Rose

Series: Pirate Wolf Trilogy

First Published by: Signet Book


Format: Paperback

Date: March 2003

ISBN-10: 0451208153

ISBN-13: 9780451208156



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