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Captain Bowman West

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"Bowman West grew up in a lighthouse on the Scottish coast and joined the Royal Navy in search of adventure in distant lands. He eventually rose to the rank of captain, commanding the frigate Sea Unicorn in the Mediterranean. During this mission, West discovered a planned invasion attempt which the English press later took to calling "the new Spanish Armada." West foiled the plot by burning the troop ships which were being assembled on the Andalusian coast; but in so doing, he suffered a nearly fatal wound. He returned home and was made a Knight of the Bath. Following his recovery, West yearned to return to the ocean, but this time as an explorer rather than a warrior. An old friend at the Admiralty gave him command of a new ship, the Promise, and West set sail for the South China Sea.

West's personality is inspired by that of Robert Louis Stevenson, an author who was as adventurous in spirit as any of the characters he created. Bowman West is intrepid, curious, and somewhat wistful, and he relies upon his wits as well as his courage in facing the perils of his voyages." - Chris Fasolino

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