Dan ParkinsonDaniel Edward Parkinson (1935 - 2001) wrote many novels which included the historical naval fiction series about Patrick Dalton

It is based on the life of an Irishman forced to flee the Royal Navy during the American war of independence


Series: Patrick Dalton
Year Book Comment
1775 The Fox & The Faith Accused of treason Dalton escapes from New York in the schooner Faith
  The Fox & The Fury Smuggling cannon from the Chesapeake, Dalton faces an array of British and colonial warships, eventually capturing the Fury
  The Fox & The Flag Dalton escorts merchant ships to protect them from both English and rebel ships
1778  The Fox & The Fortune Dalton combats a pirate
Omnibus editions
  The Fox & the Flag AND
The Fox & the Fortune
The Fox & the Flag, The Fox & the Fortune


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