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When doing research for historic naval fiction books to add to this site I often find ones about merchant ships and other nautical stories set in the modern era

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Author :: Ann Victoria Roberts
First Published by :: Chatto & Windus
Format :: HC
Date :: 16 September 1991
ISBN-10 :: 0701135379
ISBN-13 :: 9780701135379

Liam's StorySea-captain Stephen Elliott finds more than he suspected when he’s drawn into Zoe Clifford’s search for the truth behind faded photographs and a WW1 diary.

Why did Liam Elliott serve with the Australian forces – and who was Georgina Duncannon? As the secrets of two generations of star-crossed lovers come to light, time slips into the past, taking us from York to Australia, Gallipoli and the Somme, and revealing the seductive power of a piercing, impossible affair.

Joining a ship bound for the war-torn Middle East, Stephen is faced with some disturbing parallels between then and now, just as Zoe, alone in London, is discovering the agony of distance, love and loss.

Liam’s haunting presence touches them both, but it takes a near-tragedy to make the message clear: only in the present can the past be healed...

Inspired by a real WW1 diary, and revisiting characters introduced in her bestselling novel, ‘Louisa Elliott’, here, Ann Victoria Roberts uncovers Louisa’s legacy to later generations.

Author :: John Molloy
First Published by :: Reginald Press
Format :: PB
Date :: 9 May 2013
ISBN-10 :: 0954997816
ISBN-13 :: 9780954997816

S. S. RangoonDetective Inspector Henry Carter’s life will never be the same after a sixteen year old girl is brutally raped and murdered in the small town of Runcorn on the Manchester Ship Canal in northern England.

Exhaustive efforts reveal no clues. Then Henry realises the murderer could have been a crewman on the ship, S.S. Rangoon which was docked in Runcorn on the fateful night. With help from Scotland Yard he narrows down the search to four crewmen.

Henry joins the Rangoon in Australia and sails undercover posing as a crewman. He has to deal with the rigours of life in the merchant navy and the seedy and sordid underbelly of tropical port cities. He faces many dangers as the psychopath continues to mutilate and murder at will.

A cruel twist of justice sees Henry devastated. However, although many years pass, he remains determined to bring the killer to account. His meeting with the beautiful Kerstin opens lost chapters in both their lives. In his quest to track down the cruel monster he sails the islands of the Caribbean where he discovers his lost family – and much more.

Author :: Jeffrey Parfitt
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 6 October 2011

Sea of JackalsThe modern day scourge of piracy in the Gulf of Aden... A salvage dive ship tasked with recovering a sensitive military cargo in pirate infested waters off the coast of Somalia... A love affair that can never succeed.

Take a journey through the troubled waters off the Horn of Africa where the drama is real and happening as you read.

Author :: Ann Victoria Roberts
First Published by :: Arnwood Press
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 22 March 2015

The Master's Tale: A Novel of the TitanicLocked in a place beyond time, only the truth can set Titanic’s Master free.

Haunted by his final voyage, Captain Smith relives his past: the ships he sailed, the women he loved, his rise from humble beginnings to become White Star’s most eminent captain. A lucky man: until an incident with HMS Hawke throws time – and White Star’s plans – into disarray.

Under pressure, Captain Smith agrees to one more voyage. Aboard Titanic the seas are calm but other forces are at work. Fire threatens from below, and ice lies ahead. Amongst the passengers, WT Stead – journalist and psychic – is predicting danger, while a mysterious young woman brings an old love affair to life.

But the past cannot be changed: nor the events of that tragic night in April 1912. Burdened by guilt, Titanic’s Master makes the voyage again, seeking his fatal mistake...

Memories loom out of the mist like the sails of a schooner, skimming past my bridge with a tangible rush and barely a yard to spare...

Uncovering dramatic and little-known events, Ann Victoria Roberts explores themes of time and coincidence in this haunting novel, based on the life of Captain Edward John Smith

Author :: Pete Shaw
First Published by :: Fireship Press
Format :: PB
Date :: 10 August 2015
ISBN-10 :: 1611793599
ISBN-13 :: 9781611793598

A modern sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

In the Arctic summer of 2021, two explorers are on a wide-ranging archaeological survey on board the small research vessel Polar Quest. The objective is to locate any surviving evidence of the disastrous 1928 Italia dirigible expedition to the North Pole. But rather than a lost airship, the expedition stumbles upon the wreck of a submarine, one that resembles the same Nautilus described by Jules Verne in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Was Verne's famous novel an imaginative science fiction story or, instead, a fictionalized account of an undersea voyage that actually took place in 1867? As the two explorers descend to the sub and enter a study holding 12,000 volumes on Brazilian rosewood shelves, the questions multiply: was Captain Nemo a scientist, the entire Earth his laboratory, and evolution itself his experiment?


Author :: R. E. McDermott
Series :: The Disruption Series
First Published by :: R. E. McDermott
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 19 September 2015


The lights are out and the world is in flames, and Captain Jordan Hughes has a big fat target on his back.

Going home during the Apocalypse is tough; it’s tougher when your ‘ride’ weighs forty thousand tons, is almost as long as a football field, and holds precious cargo everyone on earth would kill for.

Sitting in port far from home with the grid down for the count, Hughes is faced with near mutiny as violence worsens ashore and the world crumbles around the secure little world of his ship, the Pecos Trader.

‘Wait and see,’ is not an option. Hughes has to get his ship and crew home, but FEMA arrives with other plans.

Resisting the demands of an increasingly corrupt and self-serving federal government, Hughes leads a ragtag band of sailors, farmers, preppers, ex-Coast Guardsmen, and dissident soldiers on an incredible voyage to reunite them all with home and family -- only to find their real journey is just beginning.

Under a Tell-Tale Sky

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