Edwin ThomasEdwin Thomas wrote a series titled ‘The Reluctant Adventures of  Martin Jerrold' which has a principal character with quite a few faults. The authors website indicates that the series was abandoned by the publisher so there will presumably be no more books in the series


Series: The Reluctant Adventures of Martin Jerrold


 Book  Comment
1806  The Blighted Cliffs  Not many men emerged from Trafalgar with not an ounce of credit to their names, but Lt. Martin Jerrold managed it 
1806  The Chains of Albion  Commanding a prison hulk filled with French captives in the Medway, Martin Jerrold thinks his war can't get much better 
1806  Treason's River  When you have just offended some of the most powerful men in England there are two options 


The author’s official web site is edwin-thomas.com

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