Jonathan LunnJonathan Lunn is a pseudonym of Daniel Hall who was born in London and started writing at the age of fifteen. He studied history at the University of Leicester, where he became involved in politics. He worked for six years as a spin doctor in local government, but decided to leave politics behind and concentrate on his writing and now lives in Bristol.

He has written a series of books about the adventures of Kit Killigrew RN which begins in 1847 and is therefore at the end of the sailing era.


Series: Kit Killigrew


 Book  Comment
1847  Killigrew R. N.

Lieutenant Kit Killigrew infiltrates the crew of a slave ship

1849  Killigrew and the Golden Dragon Killigrew is instrumental in capturing the infamous Chinese pirate, Zhai Jimng-mu
1850  Killigrew and the Incorrigibles Killigrew kills a man in self defence earning the emnity of his brother
1852  Killigrew and the North-West Passage Killigrew has volunteered for Arctic duty on the Venturer


Killigrew's Run

Killigrew is pursued by the Russian ship Atalanta


Killigrew and the Sea Devil

Killigrew is framed for murder by an old foe

Omnibus editions
  Killigrew R. N. And Killigrew and the Golden Dragon Killigrew R. N., Killigrew and the Golden Dragon


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