David BramhallDavid Bramhall is a former musician and teacher, and something of an authority on the training of children's choirs. He founded and directed the award-winning Harmony Girls' Choir, and his book Training Your Young Choir sells slowly but steadily all over the world.

In 2012 he turned his attention to story-writing. He started The Black Joke in French Guyana, wrote most of it in Brazil, and finished it on a container ship across the Atlantic to Rotterdam. The Bernadette and Rio Sagrado were written on the Isle of Whithorn in south-west Scotland. "It's not actually an island at all, although it feels like it. Very few people, lots of sheep, and constantly changing weather ... one day windy, the next day raining, the next rainy and windy ... you get the idea. Excellent for writing; the temptation to get up and go for a walk is so easy to resist!"

He lives in the East of England with his wife, also a musician, and plays with historic steam locomotives in his spare time.

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: The Greatest Cape
Year  Book  Comment
  The Black Joke A mysterious ship in the harbour and rumours about some missing treasure
  The Bernadette The pirates still haven't given up their search for the treasure.
  Rio Sagrado Why would anyone want to kidnap half the school
  Turnstone June and Bertronella are carrying on the family tradition of being thoroughly annoying
  Patience and the Pyrate There's another mysterious ship in the harbour.

The author’s official web site is greatestcape.co.uk

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