Edward P. StaffordCdr. Edward Peary Stafford, USN (Ret.) (1918-2013) was a naval aviator. He wrote for Naval History and Proceedings, as well as for National Geographic. He is best known for The Big E and four other books on naval history.

In World War II, he commanded a subchaser in the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas before he was executive officer of a destroyer escort in the Pacific. After the war, Ed graduated from Dartmouth College and was commissioned a lieutenant commander in December 1946. After serving as executive officer in a destroyer, he was ordered to flight training and assigned to hurricane-tracking with a patrol squadron.

Modern Era Naval Non Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  The Big E The Story of the USS Enterprise
  Little Ship, Big War The Saga of De343
  Subchaser Subchaser 692, a 110-foot wooden warship manned mostly by inexperienced reservists
  The Far and the Deep The Submarine from U-Boat to Polaris

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