William H WhiteWilliam H. White has been an historian specializing in the maritime heritage and American involvement in the Age of Sail for most of his adult life. A life-long sailor himself, he continues to sail and race actively in his home waters. He has sailed under square rig, giving him a knowledgeable and first hand insight to the complex workings of the vessels about which he writes. He served as an officer in the United States Navy in the '60's and was actively involved in naval operations for three years in Vietnam.

He serves on the Board of Trustees of the USS Constitution Museum in Boston, and the LYNX Educational Foundation. He has been a consultant to the reproduction 1812 privateer Lynx and was named a Fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society. For many years he was a Trustee and officer of the National Maritime Historical Society and heavily involved in their operations. Early in 2012 White was elected to the Board of Trustees of Operation Sail, Inc. OpSail was one of the main sponsors and participants in The War of 1812 Bicentennial commemorative events.

As well as some factual works he has written three fiction series, the War of 1812 trilogy featuring Isaac Biggs, one about the Barbary Wars featuring Oliver Baldwin and the Edward Ballantyne series.

Series: War of 1812 Trilogy (Isaac Biggs)
Year Book Comment
1810 A Press Of Canvas Isaac Biggs is pressed out of a US merchant ship into the Royal Navy

A Fine Tops'l Breeze

Isaac ships as Third Mate on the Salem privateer General Washington

The Evening Gun

Isaac captains a sloop rigged raider assisting the effort in Maryland
Series: Oliver Baldwin
Year Book Comment

The Greater The Honor

Young Oliver Baldwin arrives in Boston to serve aboard the newly launched US brig Argus under Stephen Decatur

In Pursuit of Glory

Baldwin serves aboard the U.S. frigate Chesapeake until the beginning of the War of 1812
Series: Edward Ballantyne
Year Book Comment

When Fortune Frowns

Edward Ballantyne serves aboard HMS Pandora while she pursues the Bounty mutineers

Gun Bay

Nine merchants and a Royal Navy frigate are wrecked on a reef
 Series: Edward Ballantyne/Oliver Baldwin
Year Book Comment

In Hostile Waters

Ballantyne and Baldwin find themselves on opposite sides when USS Argus engages HMS Pelican

AOS Naval Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year Book Comment

"...our flag was still there"

The Sea History Press Guide to the War of 1812 - Its History and Bicentennial Commemorations

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