A Balance of DangersCaptain John Valcourt Justice's third adventure takes him to the 1807 siege of Copenhagen - one of the most dramatic and divisive incidents of the Napoleonic Wars, which, for modern readers, will evoke memories of the destruction of the French fleet at Oran in 1940 and the more recent campaign in the Falklands. Sent once again from London on a mysterious mission by the clandestine Board of Becons, Bells, Buoys, and Mercantile Messengers, Justice is entrusted with his most vital assignment so far - to prevent the powerful Danish fleet from falling into the hands of Napoleon, to be dispatched on yet another invasion attempt on England.

Author: Anthony Forrest

Title: A Balance of Dangers

Series: John Justice

First Published by: Hill & Wang

Place: US

Format: HC

Date: 1984




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