An Excise patrol vessel is cruising near an area suspected of being heavily involved with smuggling. An inquisitive midshipman is taken prisoner, and it falls to another teenager, the son of one of the chief rogues, to bring him food. Both boys become friendly with each other, but the midshipman can only express it by appearing to hate the farm-fisher boy, whom he considers to be socially far beneath him. The farm-boy tries so hard to be kind to the midshipman, who is so rude in return. Eventually the midshipman escapes, the smugglers are caught, and the farm-boy becomes a seaman on the Excise vessel.

Cutlass and Cudgel

Author: George Manville Fenn

Title: Cutlass and Cudgel

Series: n/a

First Published by: Griffith Farran Browne



Date: 1890






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