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The Face of the Enemy


"The bastards have blown her out of the water! And there is not a damn thing we can do about it... except remember, record, and recount, so that others may remember. Get her name Maynard," shouted the Captain, "Get her name so that she may be known throughout the fleet... a small, unarmed fishing boat, crewed by a one-handed man, a boy, and two old men; blown out of the water. God, I can see their faces now, their salutes to us as we sailed by. Get the name of that bastard ship! Get her name Maynard! The Navy shall know her Captain and crew for what they are... a murderous, cowardly gang of blackguards. I don't know what those brave fellows did to their steering, but they have saved our hides."

He turned to face his crew hands on his hips, his voice a tremulous scream, "We are all witnesses! ... Every man jack of us! ... We all have good cause to remember those valiant men," he turned again, "Her name Mr. Maynard; her name?"

"It's difficult sir, but..." the exasperated mate hesitated," Bara..., yes sir. She's the Baracuda sir. The name is the same in English and in French."

"Then by God we have her!" shouted Captain Johnson, "Someday; and bless the Lord the sooner the better, she will meet up with a British warship. A ship that will have much sharper claws than us, with a Captain who will know how those misbegotten scoundrels blew up a small, unarmed fishing boat and wantonly killed four brave men... and they will seek and obtain retribution: please God!"

The Face of the Enemy

Author: Glyn Adams

Title: Face the Enemy

Series: The Face of the Enemy

First Published by: Glyn Adams


Format: Kindle

Date: 14 June 2014







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