Fighting Bob

Many have written novels about the lives and adventures of their ancestors but most are not retold directly by the ancestor himself. In the new novel FIGHTING BOB author Bob Stockton writes of the exciting life of his great-great-great grandfather, Commodore 'Fighting Bob' Stockton. Once described by western frontiersman Kit Carson as "the bravest of the brave," the Commodore's achievements in the first half of the nineteenth century have, in his own opinion, been misinterpreted by history and his true story needs to be retold by someone with a sense of a life at sea. Under a bizarre set of circumstances the Commodore visits his descendant author and tasks him with writing the corrected history of Fighting Bob's many accomplishments.

" I have chosen you for this mission......."

Those words, spoken by the Commodore to his convalescing descendant began an accounting of epic battles, duels, hand to hand fighting and military conquest covering the first half of the nineteenth century which helped to redraw the map of the United States. As the Commodore's tale unfolds the author, who was at first reluctant to embrace the task, becomes increasingly excited with the prospect of retelling the Commodore's story in his - the Commodore's - own words.

Author: Bob Stockton

Title: Fighting Bob


First Published by: AuthorHouse


Format: Kindle

Date: 8 January 2012




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