HMS Seawolf1776: In this second exciting adventure of the British Navy in the American Revolution by Michael Aye, the Fighting Anthonys return to wage war against the colonials. This time Gabe is at the center of the action as he takes command for the first time. Not one to stand aside, he leads a daring cutting out expedition that ends disastrously. Separated from the crew, he is presumed dead. But his brother Gil knows better. Love, blood, and battle will unite the brothers once again-as long as the seas are running and their powder remains dry!

(An early version of this novel entitled ‘The Seawolf' by Broadside Press was issued without the authors permission and with a number of errors. It was withdrawn from the market. Therefore you are recommended NOT to purchase this version via resellers. Only purchase versions with HMS in the title)

Author: Michael Aye

Title: HMS Seawolf

Series: The Fighting Anthonys

First Published by: Boson Books


Format: PB

Date: 14 May 2007

ISBN-10: 1932482520

ISBN-13: 9781932482522


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