Captain Bowman West of the Royal Navy loves the ocean, but he is weary of warfare. Now, he wants to be an explorer, sailing to the edge of the map and discovering new lands. Thanks to an old friend at the Admiralty, West is given command of a frigate known as the HMS Promise, and sent on a mission of exploration to the South China Sea. There, he hopes to find treasure which will allow him to buy the ship, giving him the freedom to chart his own course for future voyages. But the mission is full of peril. The fabled challenges of navigating these exotic waters– including treacherous coral reefs and a blistering typhoon– all confront West and his ship. Furthermore, this is the domain of pirates. Captain West finds that all his courage and resourcefulness will be needed upon this voyage of discovery.

Along the way, West has adventures at sea, in port, and on distant shores. He joins an East African safari in search of an unusual gift; faces an assassin hired by an old enemy; and matches wits with the cunning commander of a marauding Chinese junk. He also contends with the brilliant and mysterious Captain James Clarion– a pirate of aristocratic demeanor who commands a massive Spanish galleon. Clarion is determined to steal an ancient treasure of the South China Sea, and it may be up to West to stop him.

Amidst these challenges, West remains open-eyed to the natural and man-made wonders of the places he is visiting. He forges close bonds with his men while learning something of their diverse backgrounds. He meets a remarkable young lady who he will not forget. Ultimately, he must act with honour and bravery– and use his wits– to defend a forgotten paradise upon a distant island.

Men of Promise

Author: Chris Fasolino

Title: Men of Promise

Series: Captain Bowman West

First Published by: Dog Ear Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 21 August 2015

ISBN-10: 1457538784

ISBN-13: 9781457538780



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