"To this evolution succeeded the operation of again ' shipping and swifting-in the bars' of the capstan, — a repetition of trouble to which all frigates and flush-decked vessels are unavoidably subject, and over which, in the evolution of ' weighing,' ships of the line have a considerable advantage.

The capstan being manned in a moment, the word was again given to ' heave round," when the ' double-quick time' of the tars soon brought the brig over her anchor — and this was followed by the announcement from Burton — "Up-and-down,'''

"Thick ' and ' dry for weighing" cried Staunch,

A turn at the capstan, with a hearty and heavy heave of a well-concentrated power, soon tore the anchor from it's bed."

blank cover

Author: William Nugent Glascock

Title: Sailors and Saints; or, Matrimonial Manouvres


First Published by: Henry Colburn

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: 1829




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