The Fireship1797-1798: The second novel by C. Northcote Parkinson featuring Richard Delancey.

Having obtained a position on the Glatton, a converted East Indiaman with an unusually heavy and devastating fire power, Delancey is soon to see action under Admiral Duncan in the Battle of Camperdown. But the events of the Nore and Spithead mutinies intervene to upset the course of his career; finding himself acting for the defence at the court martial of one of his fellow officers, he acquits himself well, but falls foul of the naval establishment. It is then that he is given command of a curiously antiquated vessel - a fireship.

Author: C. Northcote Parkinson

Title: The Fireship

Series: Richard Delancey

First Published by: John Murray Publishers Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 24 July 1975

ISBN-10: 0719531756

ISBN-13: 9780719531750


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