The Jackass FrigateDecember 1796. It was a time of unrest and discontent for Britain, made even worse by the war with Revolutionary France and the possibility of imminent invasion. Fresh from the dockyard, HMS Pandora, a 28-gun frigate, is about to set sail to join the Mediterranean fleet.

For Captain Banks the harsh winter weather and threat of a French invasion are not his only problems. He has an untried ship, a tyrant for a First Lieutenant, a crew that contains at least one murderer, and he is about to sail in to one of the biggest naval battles in British history - the Battle of Cape St Vincent.

(Note: The text of the original edition of this novel was slightly revised to bring it into the 'Fighting Sail' series. You are therefore recommended to purchase the Fireship Press edition)

Author: Alaric Bond

Title: The Jackass Frigate

Series: Fighting Sail

First Published by: Pen Press Publishers Limited


Format: PB

Date: 2 July 2008

ISBN-10: 1906206589

ISBN-13: 9781906206581


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