In the Spring of the year 1800, Captain Merriman and his frigate Lord Stevenage return home from India after being involved with the East India Company in the destruction of a pirate fleet. A treaty between Russia, Norway and Denmark threatens to cut the supply of timber and other supplies desperately needed by the navy so on Admiralty orders he is now to prepare for a voyage to the Baltic, to Copenhagen to try and find out about the defences of that town and harbour. So once again he is involved with Mr Grahame the treasury agent in secret, spying activities against England's enemies.

Back at the Admiralty in London to report his findings about Copenhagen's defences and depths of water in the main channels, he meets Admiral Horatio Nelson who asks the Admiralty to send Merriman with him as part of his fleet to the Baltic. With his knowledge he will be needed.

The battle of Copenhagen ensues in April 1801 where the fleet action causes the Danes to surrender. Merriman is then ordered to go further into the Baltic to find a French warship reported to be there. He finds it but it is a plague ship so he burns and sinks it before returning to London with Nelson's reports.

The Threat in the Baltic

Author: Roger Burnage

Title: The Threat in the Baltic

Series: The Merriman Chronicles

First Published by: Burnage Publishing


Format: Kindle

Date: 6 January 2015






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