The tale of the Three Midshipmen is carried on to the Three Lieutenants, the Three Commanders, and the Three Admirals. The book starts with the arrival of three new boys at a boarding school for young gentlemen. One boy is English, one is Scottish, and the third is Irish. Under the influence of various bullies and other schoolboy adversities the three lads learn to stick together, and to look after each other. They join the Navy, and get various postings by which from time to time they meet, usually under the most difficult circumstances. Of course they each survive bravely, though any of the boats' crews that they have the honour to command are mowed down by the enemy.

The Three Mishipmen 

Author: W. H. G. Kingston

Title: The Three Midshipmen

Series: Three Officers

First Published by: Henry Frowde / Hodder

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: 1862





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