Author :: Peter Greene
Series :: The Adventures of Jonathan Moore
Format :: PB
Date :: 28 February 2012

This book has been released under the following alternate titles:-
Skull Eye Island


Homeless and alone on the streets of London in 1800, twelve year-old Jonathan Moore survives this harsh and dangerous world using courage, intelligence and determination. His dismal fate changes dramatically one day after he is abducted by a gang and pressed into service aboard the HMS Poseidon, a forty-four gun fighting frigate of the British Royal Navy. However, there is more to the event than just a change of address.

How is it that some members of the crew, including the Captain, already know his name? Why do the officers seem to favor him above the other new crew members?

As Jonathan endeavors to solve these mysteries, he is thrust into a daring mission to recover a hidden treasure on a remote Caribbean isle. Unfortunately, the crew and officers of the Poseidon are not the only ones searching for the prize. In a desperate race across the Atlantic to Skull Eye Island, Jonathan is pitted against sword-wielding spies, engages in terrifying ship-to-ship battles and in the end, must match his wits and courage against a ruthless and cunning French Captain and his powerful warship.

For those who love sea tales, but not diving fathoms deep into jargon and technicalities, this is a great way to enjoy a historically-based exciting sea tale.

Warship Poseidon

Author: Peter Greene

Title: Skull Eye Island

Series: The Adventures of Jonathan Moore

First Published by:


Format: PB

Date: 28 February 2012





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