Patrick O'Brian: A Life RevealedPatrick O'Brian is one of the most popular and highly regarded authors in the genre of Age of Sail Naval Fiction, however few of his fans know his background and that in fact Patrick O'Brian was not his real name.

A few years ago bestselling maritime historian, journalist, and nonfiction author Dean King released a biography of the man, revealing his true identity as Richard Patrick Russ, Patrick O'Brian: A Life Revealed.

To mark the relaunch of this work as an ebook Mr King has produced a short video which talks about his passion for O'Brian's bestselling Aubrey-Maturin series, his voyage to Ireland to research the biography, and his startling discovery that "Patrick O'Brian" had a secret identity he kept hidden from the world. The video can be viewed below.

Patrick O'Brian: A Life Revealed ebook:-



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