Britain's Greatest Naval BattleI have now read a couple of Mr Freeman's works which have used the style of comparing different aspects of something and deciding which was the most important to history or 'Greatest'. In this book, Britain's Greatest Naval Battle, the author compares two battles from different periods of the Age of Sail, The Armada and Trafalgar, with the more modern Battle of Jutland, to decide which was the most important to Britain.

Freeman first sets out a number of criteria which he will use to reach his decision and then analyses each Battle in turn against these, finally reaching a decision as to which is the greatest. I will not spoil the book by revealing this conclusion.

Whether you agree with the outcome  or not, the book will certainly make you think about these battles from a different perspective. For scholarly works they are shorter than usual, but they are priced appropriately for this and it made them an easier read than some. I enjoyed comparing such disparate actions and if you just want to spend a few hours on non-fiction rather than undertake some detailed in depth research this is certainly one to consider.

Description of: Britain's Greatest Naval Battle: The Armada, Trafalgar, Jutland

Author: Richard Freeman



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