The ReaperThis book is somewhat shorter than the average naval fiction book but then it sticks fairly closely to what appear to be it's two purposes, introduce the characters for a series and tell a rip-roaring sea yarn. Both of these it does very well.

The book is fast paced and in the first few pages you have been introduced to most of the principal characters, learnt their family backgrounds and are out at sea in the thick of it. The story is set in the caribbean during the year leading up to the American fight for independence and whilst they fight pirates the growing concern in the fleet about a looming conflict is evident.

There are a few typo's but the story holds your attention so well these are soon overlooked. If you are looking for detailed descriptions of ship handling, firing the guns etc. this is probably not for you but if you just want to be taken back to the period and enjoy a good yarn for a few hours pick this one up, you'll soon be looking for the next in the series.

Description of: The Reaper

Author: Michael Aye

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