Death's Bright AngelThe next book in J. D. Davies Journals of Matthew Quinton, Death's Bright Angel, is now available for pre-order in paperback. It will be released worldwide on 30 August 2016.

In September 1666, one word was on everyon's lips. Fire. But not all attention was on the blaze that destroyed London. Just three weeks earlier, British ships had obliterated the Dutch town of Westerschelling and set 150 merchant vessels ablaze. In an atmosphere thick with rumour, many thought the Great Fire of London was caused by Britain's enemies, perhaps in revenge for Westerschelling. Perhaps they were right.

In the weeks before London's burning, Sir Matthew Quinton, master of H.M.S. Sceptre, is recalled to a city seething with foreign plots and paranoia, and given a dangerous mission by the King. A secret quartet of terrorists is planning to destroy the capital, stir rebellion, open the way for invasion. Only Quinton can stop them.

Weaving together historical fact and fast-paced thriller, Death's Bright Angel concludes with the author's own, incendiary revelations about the Great Fire and those who'd prefer the truth to lie forgotten among the ashes.

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