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The story of our navy is nothing less than the story of Britain, our culture and our empire. Much more than a parade of admirals and their battles, this is the story of how an insignificant island nation conquered the world's oceans to become its greatest trading empire. Few other nations have fallen so deeply in love with a branch of the armed forces as the British did with its Navy.

Yet, as Ben Wilson shows, there was nothing inevitable about this rise to maritime domination, nor was it ever an easy path. For much of our history Britain was a third-rate maritime power on the periphery of Europe. Empire of the Deep also reveals how our naval history has shaped us in more subtle and surprising ways - our language, culture, politics and national character all owe a great debt to this conquest of the seas. This is a gripping, fresh take on our national story.

Empire of the Deep: The Rise and Fall of the British Navy

Author: Ben Wilson

Title: Empire of the Deep: The Rise and Fall of the British Navy


First Published by: Orion

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: 25 July 2013

ISBN-10: 0297864084

ISBN-13: 9780297864080




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