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Bridging the transition from the medieval to the modern worlds, the Tudor dynasty ruled England during a dynamic period of maritime and naval history--the time of the Mary Rose, the Spanish Armada, Sir Francis Drake, and the birth of British sea power. From the pre-Tudor navies dating back to Alfred the Great through the sixteenth-century reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, the author provides a detailed record of naval activities involving English ships, organized by monarch and naval campaigns.

In addition, the book portrays the individuals involved and the inner workings of the Tudor navy's organizational structure. Following the success of Conway's Nelson's Navy, The Tudor Navy presents a synthesis of diverse information to create a panoramic view of the English navy that will be a valuable reference for the enthusiast and a revelation to the general reader.

The Tudor Navy: The Ships, Man, and Organization, 1845-1603

Author: Arthur Nelson

Title: The Tudor Navy: The Ships, Man, and Organization, 1845-1603


First published by: Conway Maritime Press


Format: HC

Date: 15 January 2001

ISBN-10: 0851777856

ISBN-13: 9780851777856



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