"This stirring sea story of the Napoleonic Wars follows the fortunes of Captain Broadbank, and his privateer schooner the Avenger, his life, his aims, and the love that came to him so strangely, told against a broad exciting background of the lives and conditions of ships and seamen of that great maritime era."

Broadbank with the privateer Avenger joins in the War of 1812 from the beginning but gets off to a poor start and loses the ship and an arm. He is a shorebound spectator to the Shannon-Chesapeake engagement and in the confusion is able to escape his captors and rejoin the British. He goes on to organise at Lake Champlain a small but tactically important mini-fleet that prevents the Americans from invading Canada.

At Close Quarters

Author: J. E. Taylor

Title: At Close Quarters

Series: Broadbank

First Published by: Sampson Low, Marston


Format: HC

Date: 1949





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