Author :: David O'Neil
First Published by :: W & B Publishers
Format :: PB
Date :: 29 December 2016
ISBN-10 :: 1635540364
ISBN-13 :: 9781635540369

Sailing as a privateer under a Letter of Marque provided by the Governor of Jamaica, Robert Shaw recruits a crew of fearless sailors, mostly ex-navy, to attack and seize vessels of enemy nations. Success of such efforts can be rewarding with riches untold. Failure can bring death by hanging or worse. Robert and his crew are determined to succeed and along the way comes opportunities to rescue ladies in distress, slaves in bondage, and governments under siege. As Robert’s small navy continues to expand, so do the opportunities and so does the danger.

From the pen of author David O’Neill, frequently compared to noted authors W.E.B. Griffin, Douglas Reeman and Robert Ludlum comes a fascinating saga of sea warfare, piracy, treasures, battles, romance and hand-to-hand fighting as Robert and his men are solicited by the Royal Navy to clean the seas of marauding pirates and treacherous government officials.

Author: David O'Neil

Title: Privateer


First Published by: W & B Publishers


Format: PB

Date: 29 December 2016

ISBN-10: 1635540364

ISBN-13: 9781635540369


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