Author :: Joyce A. Scott
First Published by :: Joyce A. Scott
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 11 July 2015


After being kidnapped and taken on board the Mistral Anne in Sea Captain’s Promise I, Thomas Quinn now faces a bigger problem in Sea Captain’s Promise II: Revenge of the Sea Witch. Mollie McLeod, a female pirate well known for causing trouble, disappears off the Mistral Anne’s deck and hides somewhere on the ship where she now fights the crew. They search but can’t find her, and Aedammair and Elias McDonnell show up, who hate and despise the captain every bit as much as the missing pirate, and threaten to take over the ship.

Featuring a trip to Sable Island, nicknamed The Graveyard of the Atlantic because of all the shipwrecks there, major storms, and battles at sea, things don’t get any easier for Thomas and the crew. In fact, Mollie and the others threaten to sink the Mistral Anne. And they may just succeed.

Sea Captain's Promise II: Revenge of the Sea Witch

Author: Joyce A. Scott

Title: Sea Captain's Promise II: Revenge of the Sea Witch


First Published by: Joyce A. Scott


Format: Kindle

Date: 11 July 2015





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