Britain in 1860, a booming land of wealth and industrial skill - but the heyday of the great windjammers and clippers is waning. Steam and steel, and the men who can use them, are changing the faces of the seaports; wild schemes and crazy inventions find eager patrons; ruthless, stubborn shipowners are bankrupting themselves and their friends in pursuit of their dreams - to build iron ships and send them across the oceans.

James Onedin is one of these single-minded opportunists. To fulfil his overwhelming ambition he is prepared to sacrifice his brother's security, his sister's happiness, and hazard his own livelihood time and again. But he has one vulnerable point: his dependence on and his growing love for his wife Anee, as determined in her own way as he, though not so obsessed with the need for power and wealth.

The Shipmaster

Author: Cyril Abraham

Title: The Shipmaster

Series: The Onedin Line (based on a 1970’s TV series)

First Published by:  Allan Wingate

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: 1972





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