Author :: Alec Merrill
Series :: Jon Swift
First Published by :: Lulu
Format :: PB
Date :: 19 April 2016
ISBN-10 :: 1483449599
ISBN-13 :: 9781483449593


Exciting Nautical Fiction With Enough Twists And Turns To Keep You Guessing.

Assume you are the new owner of a cargo vessel with access to secret information. You need money to pay for the ship and crew. Your competition is well-entrenched with contracts covering most potential customers. There is little business. You could lose everything. Would you chance doing something risky? That is exactly the position of Captain Jon Swift of the schooner Providence.

In desperation, Swift buys cargo and heads south to the Caribbean seeking contraband. He soon finds out that cash is king, and the lack of cash can have dire consequences. That lack of cash hinders the acquisition of new loads and the sale of cargo.

Accepting cargo in payment in lieu of cash leads to further problems, some of which are life threatening. Swift faces opposition from all directions, and cash seems to be his only means of salvation. Will Swift's cash problems be his downfall?

The Virgin Smuggler


Title: The Virgin Smuggler

Series: Jon Swift

First Published by: Lulu


Format: PB

Date: 19 April 2016

ISBN-10: 1483449599

ISBN-13: 9781483449593



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