Author :: William Clark Russell
Format :: HC
Date :: 1896

What Cheer!: The Sad Story of a Wicked SailorExcerpt:- "Mr. Liver, I brought you to sea at your own earnest request, to remove you from the temptations of the public-houses ashore, also to oblige your father and other friends. You're a wicked sailor and an evil disposed person, unfit to be trusted with the charge of a ship, with any sort of duty, and I proceed now to disrate you and to send you forward. I will make you an idler. You shall sling a hammock in the fok'sle. Intercourse with the seamen may help you to learn your profession"

"What am I to be made?" asked Jeremy, who had listened, rigidly swaying upon the deck, twisting his cap, the brand-new cap which had replaced the one he had lost when he fell overboard.

" Cook's mate," said Heron. " He's in want of a mate, and you should suit him down to the heels," but in saying this he spoke as if he was on his guard. Had that stump-ended figure fallen upon him he would have found him prepared.

Author: William Clark Russell

Title: What Cheer!: The Sad Story of a Wicked Sailor

Series: n/a

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Format: HC

Date: 1896



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