Two ships burned and sank in the Pensacola Pass in the 1860s; one fell pray to bold enemy action, while the other was the victim of a tragic accident. This research reviews the vessels' histories, documents the search for the ships' remains, and describes the physical and cultural processes that formed the current wreck site. The analysis incorporates the latest maritime archaeological site formation process theories, adds to the growing body of knowledge regarding wreck site development in high-energy environments, and lays to rest a local maritime folklore tradition. A Tale of Two Shipwrecks

Author: Christopher Dewey

Title: A Tale of Two Shipwrecks: The U. S. Steamer Convoy and the Confederate Schooner William H. Judah


First Published by: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing


Format: Paperback

Date: 29 September 2013

ISBN-10: 3659462020

ISBN-13: 9783659462023



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