An exciting new addition to the study of this marine painter and commercial artist. It includes much new biographical research and also analyses his work, not only as a painter, but also as an etcher, a commercial artist and book illustrator, a builder and repairer of ships models, and an iconic poster designer for the railways and the shipping companies.

Furthermore it contains a full bibliography, a list of Mason’s works in Public Collections, and a full List of Exhibited works.

Perhaps this book's most important contribution to the study of Frank Mason’s enormous and varied body of work is a Catalogue Raisonne of over 200 Mason Railway posters, illustrated with thumbnail illustrations.

There is also a full complete catalogue of his 17 carriage print designs, a full catalogue of Mason etchings published by the Fine Art Trade Guild and a complete catalogue of his magnum opus of book illustration, 53 works painted for the Blue Peter magazine, all illustrated in full colour.

Frank Henry Mason: Marine Painter and Poster Artist

Author: Edward Yardley

Title: Frank Henry Mason: Marine Painter and Poster Artist


First Published by: Colley Books


Format: HC

Date: 2 March 2015

ISBN-10: 0993189229

ISBN-13: 9780993189227



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