Author :: David W. Shaw
First Published by :: Wheeler Pub Inc
Format :: HC
Date :: July 2002
ISBN-10 :: 1587242451
ISBN-13 :: 9781587242458

The 1854 collision at sea between the American ship Arctic and the Vesta, a much smaller French steamship, set in motion one of the most harrowing events in maritime history. David W. Shaw has based this fascinating account on the firsthand testimony of the few who survived the wreck, including the Arctic's heroic captain, James C. Luce, who was forced to fight his mutinous crew as they took the lifeboats and left hundreds of passengers to suffer a cruel and painful death. Not only did 400 people -- including Luce's own frail son -- die by daybreak, but the wreck also ended the domination of the seas by the American maritime fleet for the rest of the nineteenth century. Utterly compelling, The Sea Shall Embrace Them is a stirring slice of heretofore little-known American history. Beautifully written, it puts the reader on deck as a ship full of men, women, and children do battle both with a mighty ocean and with their own baser instincts.

The Sea Shall Embrace Them

Author: David W. Shaw

Title: The Sea Shall Embrace Them: The Tragic Story of the Steamship Arctic


First Published by: Wheeler Pub Inc


Format: HC

Date: July 2002

ISBN-10: 1587242451

ISBN-13: 9781587242458



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