CorsairJamaica was thrown into turmoil in the years following Charles II's restoration. The exiled Charles had promised the island to the Spanish King, and for all the non-Spanish settlers in the Caribbean there was 'No peace beyond the Line'.

Admiral of the Brethren, Ned Yorke, and his deputy, Sir Thomas Whetstone, discover the Spanish are drawing together a Caribbean fleet. Was this a move to protect their treasure ships from the Buccaneers, the Brethren of the Coast - or were they plotting to carry an army against Jamaica?

Author: Dudley Pope

Title: Corsair

Series: Ned Yorke

First Published by: Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: 1987

ISBN-10: 0436377543

ISBN-13: 9780436377549


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