Passion and Intrigue on the High Seas

She was the daughter of Duncan Farrow, the fiercest corsair on the Barbary coast. Born into the French aristocracy, raised as a pirate, beautiful Courtney deVilliers Farrow could fight as hard, swear as well, and outwit most men.

But now her father was gone -- killed by the Yankees. Courtney was left to fight a losing battle with the American ship, the Eagle, commanded by First Lieutenant Adrian Ballantine. His bronzed face, sun-bleached hair, and smoky gray eyes had captivated dozens of women in his time, but he held no charm for Courtney.

They were deadly enemies, and before long she was his prisoner, bound for Gibraltar, trial, and execution. Then a stunning coup turned the tables. The proud Adrian became Courtney's defeated captive.

Would she now show the defiant lieutenant mercy? Or would she follow her womanly whims and give him exactly what he so clearly had coming?

The Wind and the Sea

Author: Marsha Canham

Title: The Wind and the Sea


First Published by: Paperjacks


Format: Paperback

Date: March 1986

ISBN-10: 0770104150

ISBN-13: 9780770104153




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