Book 4: Raised By Wolves

The fourth of a series of Buccaneer/gay romance adventures chronicling the relationship between Will, an emotionally wounded and disenchanted English lord, and Gaston, an insane and lonely French exile, set among the buccaneers of Port Royal, Jamaica.

1671. Wherein, Will, reluctant buccaneer, lord, and father, and his beloved matelot Gaston, lord, physician, and former madman, battle wolves for their souls.

The world changes, the buccaneers reach an end of an era as Old World treaties change the rules of plunder in the New World. Will and Gaston wish to war no more, but they find themselves forced to join Morgan's last great raid on Panama--only to be betrayed.

Destiny Unfolds, in the lands of their birth, reaching across the sea to threaten all they hold dear. They must return to England to confront their demons and forge their futures before the wolves tear them to pieces.

Together, they must prove their love can truly endure and conquer all that can be thrown against it.


Author: W. A. Hoffman

Title: Wolves

Series: Raised By Wolves

First Published by: Alien Perspective


Format: PB

Date: 1 September 2010

ISBN-10: 0972109854

ISBN-13: 978-0972109857




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