Spring 1918. Bolshevik Russia has withdrawn from the war and now stands isolated, ineffectually hostile to both Germany and the Allied Forces. The Russian fleet at Kronstadt remains highly vulnerable, and the British government fears that a German offensive to ‘liberate’ the Kronstadt naval force could swing the balance of seapower against the Royal Navy and lead to defeat.

Commander David Cochrane Smith is captain of Audacity, a Q ship, no more than a lightly armed disguised tramp steamer. He is ordered to deliver a fortune in gold and a mysterious female passenger to a group of Russian plotters who are prepared to sink the fleet and block German access to the harbour.

The only way through is to penetrate the defences of the Baltic—minefields and patrolling destroyers—then steam the length of it. Smith’s one protection is Audacity’s disguise as a neutral ship: if that is stripped away his orders are to scuttle her because the Admiralty believes escape to be impossible.

Once again he faces the loneliness of isolated command, in a hostile and dangerous sea...with a loyal crew who can never know the true extent of their captain’s secret orders.

‘Audacity’ is a high-octane read from a master of military thrillers


Author: Alan Evans

Title: Audacity

Series: David Cochrane Smith

First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton


Format: HC

Date: November 1985

ISBN-10: 0340346523

ISBN-13: 9780340346525




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