Author :: Max Hennessy
Series :: Kelly "Ginger" Maguire trilogy
First Published by :: H.Hamilton
Format :: HC
Date :: 6 September 1979
ISBN-10 :: 0241102596
ISBN-13 :: 9780241102596

The third title in the exciting naval trilogy featuring the courageous Kelly Maguire (but can be read as a single novel). Commander Kelly Maguire, leader of men in the British Navy, finds himself plunged into blistering attacks at the battle of Dunkirk. From bitter fighting in the Mediterranean, to the landings at Normandy, this action-packed saga takes Maguire through trial to triumph. Against a background of personal tragedy, this is a compelling story of love and adventure.

Back to Battle

Author: Max Hennessy

Title: Back to Battle

Series: Kelly "Ginger" Maguire trilogy

First Published by: H.Hamilton


Format: HC

Date: 6 September 1979

ISBN-10: 0241102596

ISBN-13: 9780241102596



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