Checkfire!WWII: Tells the story of the USS Truxton, an old four stack destroyer converted into an amphibious transport for the Pacific Island campaigns.

Operating with newly built, more advanced destroyers, the Truxton is lightly armed with 3-inch, 50-caliber dual purpose guns, and 20-millimeter anti-aircraft guns. The only thing standing between the Truxton and certain destruction is the courage and ingenuity of her crew.

An emergent leader of this crew is lieutenant Jeremy Barron, who is struggling to conquer his own demons. Beginning with the amphibious landings in the Aleutian Islands, Barron and the resourceful Captain Trowbridge take the Truxton through the massive invasions of Kwajalein, Saipan, and Guam. As the ship's company is drawn together by mutual suffering, they evolve from a group bound only by their obligation to their navy and country into a cohesive unit, proud of their combined accomplishments.

Author: William P. Mack

Title: Checkfire!

Series: The Destroyer Series

First Published by: Nautical & Aviation Pub. Co. of America


Format: HC

Date: September 1992

ISBN-10: 1877853178

ISBN-13: 9781877853173


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