Author :: Craig DiLouie
Series :: Crash Dive
First Published by :: ZING Communications, Inc
Place :: US
Format :: Kindle
Date :: 13 April 2015

October, 1942. The United States and the Empire of Japan are at war.

Charlie Harrison, a young and ambitious lieutenant, reports for duty aboard the S-55, a worn-out WWI-era submarine. While the Battle of Guadalcanal rages on land, air, and sea, the captain plans a daring attack against Rabaul, the heart of Japanese power in the South Pacific. There, the hunter will become the hunted, and Charlie will discover how good he is at war.

Crash Dive

Author: Craig DiLouie

Title: Crash Dive

Series: Crash Dive

First Published by: ZING Communications, Inc

Place: US

Format: Kindle

Date: 13 April 2015





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