Author :: Christopher Nicole
Series :: The McGann series
First Published by :: Severn House
Format :: HC
Date :: 28 July 1988
ISBN-10 :: 0727816136
ISBN-13 :: 9780727816139

The North Atlantic, 1915. War has been raging in Europe and it looks to continue for many years to come.

Lewis, son of Christina and Joe, known to his friends as ‘Lew’, grows from charming adolescent to brave seafarer. At times passionate, at others brave, Lewis is the dashing romantic lead in this tale, which takes in 25 years of his life and his relationship with Brenda Grant, his beloved, and his sister Shirley.

He possesses all the McGann trademarks, including a love of the sea. Beginning in 1915 and spanning the tumultuous years of the Great War to the shattering onset of World War II, this is his story. It takes him from London to New York, from Shanghai to Pearl Harbour.

Other more exotic characters appear in Lew’s life, like the loyal Hashimoto Kurita and Lieutenant Hallstrom, in a wonderful picaresque tale that forms a crucial part in the McGann saga. Will Lew survive these turbulent years? Or will raging seas and passionate romances prove too much for the young McGann?

In the tradition of great romantic novels, readers of Austen and Bronte will enjoy the passion felt between characters. Fans of Sebastian Faulks’s Birdsong will appreciate the scenes set in a wartime environment, as Lew joins up with the British Navy and trains in the North Sea.

Raging Sea, Searing Sky

Author: Christopher Nicole

Title: Raging Sea, Searing Sky

Series: The McGann series

First Published by: Severn House


Format: HC

Date: 28 July 1988

ISBN-10: 0727816136

ISBN-13: 9780727816139



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