Author :: Bruno Krauss
Series :: Seawolf series
First Published by :: Sphere Books
Format :: PB
Date :: 1980

Alone in the waters of the Mediterranean, the deadly shape of U-55 prowls in search of prey. Its mission: to provide support for Rommel’s campaign in a series of ruthless and lethal attacks. For Baldur Wolz — the man they called Sea Wolf — it offered the greatest challenge he’d had to face in the war. But the one thing he wasn’t prepared for was engine trouble at the moment when a British destroyer was moving in for the kill. And as the minutes between life and death ticked by, the horrors of war became a terrifying reality to the men trapped inside a steel shell ...

The fifth in the gripping series of novels about the U-boat war waged with grim ferocity in the bitter depths of the world’s oceans.


Shark Africa

Author: Bruno Krauss

Title: Shark Africa

Series: Seawolf series

First Published by: Sphere Books


Format: PB

Date: 1980





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